Monday, February 4, 2019

from the weekend.

We have George's bed on the side of the couch (not my favorite place for it), and he'll peep his head up and look to see what we're doing.  It's so cute!
Little miss took over three hour naps all weekend!  Let's cross fingers she's not getting sick, and just needed the extra rest.
The weather was just glorious, we headed outside for awhile to soak up the fresh air.
While we watched the boring Super Bowl, George found a spot on the floor next to Brady laying on a pillow.
While we watched the Super Bowl, this one took tons of photos on her phone.  She has an old iPhone 4 and it doesn't really have much on it since it's so out dated, but she does love to take photos.
With Hadley napping so much this weekend, I had lots of downtime so I was able to decorate some pages in my planner.  Excited for my birthday weekend, only one more month and I am no longer in the thirty club!

Our weekend was good, went by super quick.  The weather was awesome, but the days were super short.  Looking forward to this first week of February, getting things done, and some nicer temperatures.  

Happy Monday!  Make it a great week!

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