Monday, February 25, 2019

39 favorite moments.

Happy Birthday week!  This Sunday I turn 40!  Eeeek!  I thought it would be fun to share 39 of my favorite moments from the past year, as my last year of my thirties.  So here we go...
Introduced Hadley to getting her nails done at the salon.  She loves getting her nails and toes done at home by her Daddy.
Self explanatory, but it was the best!
When all four kiddos are together, I love watching them have a blast together.
When Kevin and I were on a smoothie kick, I pre-made them in little baggies marked K&M.
When Kevin falls asleep, at least one part of his body is always on me.
As Kevin would pick up stuff for the fire department, he would text me photos and it was the cutest.
Kevin digging up the kitchen flooring for our kitchen remodel of 2018.
For Easter last year, my Mom had a theme for the girls to make a bonnet.  Aunt Chris went over the top with hers!
If we can go, we try and take George to the Opening Day Parade each year.
Tried to complete the The 100 Day Project, which I did manage to start a few of the days but didn't get anywhere compared to my Mom!  She did the entire project, 100 days of sewing for baby dolls.  It was adorable.
Going out for our family birthday dinners with Hadley and her cousin, is never a dull moment.  They have so much fun together.
At our first house, we would find baby bird eggs almost every year.  We would watch them grow, and Hadley loved watching the Mama Bird feed her babies.
Going to Target with this little Miss always consists of getting an Icee, while I get a chai tea.  The best part was we figured out they have cup holders for the carts!
Having my very own office at work is the best thing ever.
15/39.  At the age of 39 is when I got my first mammogram.  And rest assured, will do it every year.
Hadley is a crazy sleeper just like her brother Brady.
I want to remember her love for dresses, and how she went through spurts in preschool of wanting to wear dresses to school.  This particular day was picture day, and then we ate dinner on the back deck still in her dress.
When we decided to dig up our front yard, and lay down fresh grass.  Not sure how much help it did, but it was a process.
Our magnolia tree at our old house was awesome.  It smelled so amazing.
My favorite thing to decorate is this little shelving unit I got from Walmart.  It's fun to change out decor for each season.
Hadley's first Father/Daughter dance at preschool!
Family orientation day at the firehouse.  The smile on Kevin's face says it all.  He has found his dream job.
My most favorite photo of recruit school, Kevin at the bottom of the ladder waiting his turn to go up.
My first milkshakes with Mom at Hadley's preschool.
The year when I made up my mind about planting flowers, and it was awesome.
Our first Reds game of the year, the kids were super excited.  Let's be honest, they just love all the junk food at the games!
George's first visit to the vet, after we've had him for 6 years.  Wasn't a fun visit, they had to muzzle him to draw blood from his paw.  It took 3 nurses and the vet, let's just say he's not a fan of the vet.
The summer when our cousin Becca took Hadley down the big hill tubing at the lake!  She was a little scared, but excited to tell everyone she did it.

My Dad isn't a huge fan of taking pictures, so when he takes one, I cherish it!
Once our pool was fixed, we enjoyed many many days and nights swimming.
When we remodeled our kitchen at the old house, it was so much work, but so worth it.
The excited face of going to her very first swim lesson.
Visiting my friend Kristin at her lake house in Cumberland!
Finally celebrating my college graduation with a pool party, and a battle wound to never forget it.
The day my husband graduated as a fire fighter.  His dream job!
Putting our first house together on the market.  It sold in 12 days.
Hadley had her first friend party for her 4th birthday.  The Little Mermaid theme.
Meeting my new nephew Ari.
Buying our first house together after marriage, and loving every square inch of the bigger space.

There you have it, 39 of my most favorite moments from this last year of my thirties!  So many happy memorable moments I never want to forget.

Happy Monday folks, have a great week!

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