Tuesday, February 26, 2019

39 favorite feelings.

It's birthday week around here and I've thought of a few fun different posts to celebrate!  These are 39 of my favorite feelings from the past year.  Many have happened over and over, and some maybe just once or twice.  All are very special.  When I look back at my 30s, I hope to remember all of this in a bright light.

when Hadley says "berry" instead of "very."

at night, when the house is quiet and I know I have at least two hours to catch up on TV.

moments of self-confidence in being a mom.

mailing birthday cards.

when Hadley takes her baby to church, and people say how well behaved she is.

clearing my inbox.

sitting down with Kevin for a new episode of something good.

watching Hadley rock her baby to sleep, while patting her on the back.

grabbing my lunch for work that I didn't have to pack myself.

tight Hadley neck hugs.

watching my Mom complete the 100 day project.

when Hadley holds my hand.

hearing big news.

getting the photo on the first attempt.

when the weather is perfect.

when Hadley spontaneously says "I love you Mama".

when Brady and Natalie come home, and how excited Hadley gets.

moments of stress during recruit school.

moments of excitement after recruit school.

seeing my girlfriends after months apart.

learning how to combine flowers to make gorgeous planters.

watching my husband go through 22 weeks of recruit school with a smile on his face every single day.

accepting the fact that I don't keep my car as clean as I used to before Hadley was born.

watching Hadley play on the playground at school, before she realizes I'm there to pick her up.

when we decided to do a small remodel of our kitchen at the old house.

Hadley giggles.  All of them.  Every single one.

any time where I got to make Kevin laugh.

sleeping for 7 hours straight is just glorious.

working early hours.

meeting Kevin for a short happy hour before we pick up the babe.

signing new house paperwork with Kevin.

moving into our mansion (to us at least).

accepting that some friendships get harder as we get older.

cooking in the kitchen with Kevin, is when we have some of the best talks.

people watching on the beach.

sitting on the beach until sunset.

having butterflies in my stomach, watching Kevin achieve his life long dream of becoming a firefighter.

very content with my life.

overwhelmed with joy for what is to come.

ps: 39 favorite moments

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