Monday, January 28, 2019


Mornings.  I am not a fan of them lately. 

A few times a week, I take our four year old to preschool.  She has to get up super early, and I let her sleep until the absolute last minute.  I give her the option, to get woken up early so we can take our time, or sleep till the last minute and go fast.  She always opts for the sleep in and go fast.  She is nine times out of ten, a dream in the morning.  With enough sleep, she is super happy, and the older she gets the more independent she is.  A four year old being independent makes me sad, but I also look at it as she is learning to be self-sufficient.  She won't always have her parents around to help right?  But then again, should a four year old be super independent?  I struggle with that daily. 

So anyways, I thought it would be a good idea to list how a typical morning goes for me...

5:00am - I wake up, hit snooze at least twice, and then hop in the shower.
5:45am - Done getting ready for work.
5:50am - Wake up Hadley.  Say her name a few times, lay in her bed, rub her hair, say wake up sleepy head, or whatever comes to mind. 
5:55ish am - Hadley goes to the bathroom.  Runs back into her room, and gets back under the covers.
5:56am - I pick out an outfit or two, sometimes she gets herself dressed, and sometimes we play a game and I dress her.  Makes it more fun, and we all need a happy kiddo that early.
6:00am - Hadley starts brushing her teeth, and brushes her hair. 
6:01am - Go downstairs to make both of our lunches. 
6:02am - Let George out.
6:05am - Start making lunches, and eat breakfast for myself.  Yell upstairs, ask Hadley what she wants for breakfast, pack her breakfast, she doesn't eat it until she gets to school.
6:10am - Hadley comes downstairs, usually all happy.
6:10am - Yell outside for George, he comes running in, and lays on his bed.
6:11am - Gather Hadley's school stuff which consists of her water bottle, blankey for nap, and her lunchbox.  Gather my work stuff, my lunchbox, my work bag, my purse, put it all in the car.
6:15-6:20am - Grab our coats, buckle up Hadley in her car seat, that takes forever now that it's a booster seat, and then head off to drop her off to school!
6:25-6:35am - Arrive at Hadley's school, either wait in the car for 5 minutes until they open, or go inside.  We go up to her room, put her lunchbox in the fridge, put her water bottle in the bin, put her nap blankey in her nap bag, go downstairs to the basement (muscle room), hug and kiss goodbye.
6:30-6:36am - Drive to work.
7:00am - Arrive at work.

When we moved into our new house, I am so glad we decided to stay on the west side of town.  Hadley's school is 10 minutes from our house, and my commute to work is maybe 20 minutes which is a dream.  I am so thankful for the commute times!

What I need to do differently in the mornings:
- Lay out work clothes the night before.
- Have Hadley pick out her outfit (or two in case of a meltdown) the night before.
- Make lunches the night before.
- Ask Hadley what she wants for breakfast the night before, and have that packed.
- Have my work bag and purse in the same spot the night before.  (You don't know how many times I've forgotten my work bag and had to turn around to come back and get it)!

Every morning, I feel like a crazy person, rushing around like a chicken with my head cut off.  I hate feeling that way, it's not a good way to start the day.  One good thing about my crazy mornings, is I do manage to eat breakfast before I get in the car, but that is scarfing it down real quick.   

Basically, it boils down to I need to do everything the night before!  I get so wrapped up into watching TV at night, and having alone time with either myself or Kevin, and when it's bed time, or I've passed out on the couch, I'm usually so exhausted to do anything I don't even bother with it!

Okay, my little rant for the day.  Sometimes it helps blogging about personal things for me, it's always on my brain.

Happy Monday!!  Let's hope for an easier morning routine the rest of this week.  I can do this!

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