Wednesday, January 2, 2019

how we spent our NYE 2018.

For New Year's Eve this year, it was just my girl and I.  Kevin was working, and the big kids were with their Mother.  So we had the day to ourselves.  We decided to bake a New Year's Eve cake by asking our Google Home Mini for a good cake recipe.  She came up with the Vasilopita Greek New Years Cake, so we tried it! 
She loved squeezing the oranges for fresh orange juice.
Traditionally with this cake, you wrap a quarter in aluminum foil and place it in the batter.  Whoever gets the piece with the quarter will be blessed and have good luck the next year.
While the cake baked, we took a break and watched some videos, and then took a nap.
Once the cake had cooled, I hand wrote and cut out the numbers 2019 for the new year, and placed them on the cake.
Hadley had fun pouring the sprinkles all over!
I thought it turned out pretty cute, probably would've worked better with powdered sugar but kids like icing and sprinkles better so that's what we did.
All ready to have our gourmet NYE dinner, which consisted of a smart ones meal for me, and a Kraft Mac & Cheese meal for her.  She did in fact eat once piece of broccoli, in order to have a piece of cake!
Hadley had the first piece.
She got the quarter!  I was so surprised!  I randomly cut the piece, and she got the lucky quarter! She was so excited.
After dessert, we did our nails.  They have got to make kid version of press-on nails somewhere out there!  Just have to find them.  She was still happy doing the larger than her fingernail nails, she loved it!
We did silly string after the nails!  In the kitchen of course, easy clean up.
Happy New Year!
For New Year's Day, we went over to my brother-in-law's house for the traditional pork and sauerkraut meal!  Thanks for having us!

Hope you all had a fabulous New Year's Eve!  The past two weeks have been a little overwhelming, but these last few days were super nice and relaxing.  Nothing planned.  Nowhere to be.  It was the best time spent with my girl. 

Cheers to a great 2019!  Happy New Year!

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