Tuesday, January 22, 2019

from our long weekend.

Saturday morning...Kevin got home from work and went straight to sleep.  We made some eggs for breakfast.
Saturday morning...we went to get her 4 year photos done.  We've been doing these since she turned 1!
Saturday afternoon...my ring was ready a week early!  I was so happy to have it back, it was so shiny and sparkly!
Saturday night...after Daddy got some sleep, we went out to eat to BucketHeads.  It's a restaurant right by our house, the food is good, the drinks are cheap, and the games for kids is fun!
Sunday afternoon...we went to the boat show!  The roads were a little crazy from all the snow we got again, but it was fun.  She loves getting in all the boats.
Sunday after the boat show...we lucked out getting a parking spot so close to the venue.  We had to wait maybe 5 minutes for the guy to bring our car over.
Sunday night...Daddy carried her up the stairs for bed time.
Monday morning...Daddy was back at work so it was just us.  Both Hadley and I were off for MLK Day!  We took George to doggie daycare.  He needed his nails trimmed desperately, so we made a day of it for him to stay for daycare.  He loves to play with all the dogs, and he comes home exhausted. After we dropped George off, Hadley has been wanting to paint big time.  One thing I miss about our old house is the basement, it was the best for painting.
Monday afternoon...while the babe took a glorious 3 hour nap, I dived into the office. I finally think I've got the room the way I want it.  This is the view from my desk, just lovely.
Monday early evening, Hadley woke up around 5pm.  We left to go pick up George, and then on the way home ran through the drive-thru for dinner because we didn't have much time to cook.  I promised her to paint after her nap, (well that was before she was going to sleep so long).  So she painted and ate at the table.
Monday night...she switches it up and sleeps with her favorite baby some nights.  Her favorite baby has no name, just baby.  Cracks me up she doesn't name her babies, but come to think of it, I don't think I did either as a kid.
Monday night...watched the Bachelor.  Some seasons I'm totally into the show, others I'm not.  This season I am.  Colton is dreamy, but seems so inexperienced with women, and the girls are crazy psycho.  Love some reality TV!  While I was sitting here watching TV, I kept thinking how I need to decorate the mantle badly, and change those window treatments!
Monday night...George was sawing logs while I watched TV.  He had a busy Monday, played with his friends all day long, got his nails trimmed (they are the best!), and got a bath.  He smells so good!

It was a great long weekend, but a cold one for sure.  I miss the mid 30 temps!  Spring can't get here soon enough.  But until then, I'll stay warm in my comfy clothes.  Love being off on MLK day, such a nice treat.  Have a great rest of the week everyone!

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