Friday, January 25, 2019

around here.

Yay for Friday!  And another yay for a full week of blogging!

Have you all managed to stay healthy this winter?  Kevin and I have (crossing fingers), and Hadley has had strep throat so far.  I've heard a few people already getting two different strains of the flu.  Please God no.  Last year I managed to get the flu twice, and two different strains of it.  I'm over here taking my Emergen-C daily, multi-vitamins, and drinking massive water.  Please stay away sicknesses!

Not much up for this weekend, except it's going to be cold.  I'd almost rather have snow, than for it to be frigid temperatures.  The kids love the snow so much, it's fun to see them out playing in it.  I just love this view from the office in our home.  Everything is pretty much organized and situated the way I like it, now all that is left is what to put in what bin.  Slowly but surely, our house is coming along!


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