Monday, December 17, 2018

from the weekend.

Friday went to the big kids Christmas program, it has gotten so much better over the years.  It used to be over two hours long, now it's down to 40 minutes and so much better!
We made some spritz Christmas cookies over the weekend!  My Grandma loved these, and Hadley had so much fun making them.  Still up to make are my favorite cutouts!
The stockings are finally hung, with command hooks that is!  All I need is some garland to cover the white hooks up, but even they don't get covered I still love having a mantel to hang up stockings on!  I'm thinking George needs a stocking, then it'll be even! haha
On Sunday afternoon, we had one of the neighbors come by and bring us cookies welcoming us to the neighborhood.  It was so very sweet!  I cannot wait for spring to come and get out and see our new neighbors outside.

Wow it's December 17th, and this is my first post this month!  We have officially moved into our new house and it's been fantastic.  A little crazy, but still fantastic.  I keep focusing on a section at at time, a room at a time, or a box at a time.  I can't wait to be all unpacked, and everything in it's place!  But until then, we continue to enjoy this new house so much.  I can't wait for Christmas! 

Happy Monday, make it a great week! 

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