Friday, November 30, 2018

around here.

around here Kevin had his first shift at the firehouse.  Was a rough night for me at home, but it'll get better with time.
around here jumping in at swim lessons!  This annoying chair is always in the way for photos, I think it's for old peeps to get in and out of the pool maybe?  No idea.  But she's still loving these lessons, we have a few more left for the year.
around here sleeping in my fire fighter leggins Kev got me.
around here the move has started. 

The time has come to pack up our house!  Dealing with loan people is super frustrating and I would never want to be in that business.  Needing every piece of information that was ever made it seems like, changing dates, not knowing dates, all wrapped up together is not really fun.  It's been super crazy around here lately, and I can't wait for it to be over.  I can't wait to be settled into our new home.  But as with anything that comes with moving, you have to jump through some hoops to get there.  Hopefully less hoops, but either way we're being super patient through all of this.

What's up for this weekend, packing boxes, moving boxes, packing boxes, and moving more boxes.  Hadley is having her first friend birthday party in the midst of all this move stuff.  It was hard to plan around this move, but you have to celebrate your kid's birthday right?  She is super excited to see her friends outside of school!

Happy weekend everyone!  Wish us luck with the move and all the last minute changes that come with it!

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