Wednesday, November 21, 2018

dear Hadley / 4 years old.

Dear Hadley,

Every year around your birthday, I look at the photos of your life so far.  I still can't believe we made it this far.  You keep growing into this little lady that I absolutely adore.  Each year you get older, I keep saying this is the best age.  It really does get better and better.

You constantly make me smile with your off the wall random sayings, animated facial expressions, and zest for life.  I wish I could freeze these moments, this age, because they are the most beautiful yet.  It's hard to grasp, but I try to just be in the moment with you as much as I can because I'll never get this golden time with you again.

Watching you grow and take everything in this world has to offer you, is the best job I'll ever have in my life.  These days with you are the best.  Just best.  I can't think of any other word to describe it, but I am so glad I get to be your Mama.  You are truly amazing.  I hope you always stay just that way because life with you is my favorite.

Happy 4th Birthday my sweet girl.

Love you,

(Photo via : K Herman)

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