Monday, October 1, 2018

my husband, the firefighter.

This is my husband Kevin.  He is a firefighter! 

This past weekend, he graduated from recruit training and is now an official firefighter.  It's so hard to describe these feelings, but they are overwhelmingly happy!  I have never seen my hubby so happy, I mean how many people do you know get their actual dream job?  To become a firefighter has been his dream since he was 18 years old.  Maybe even before then.  Twenty years later, his dream came true.
The fire department had these announcements made for all of the recruits.  I love the class logo, a goat with a Cincinnati Reds hat on.  We have t-shirts of it too!
When we arrived at the graduation ceremony, they had all of the names with each of their badge numbers on this plaque.  Very very cool.  And what's even cooler, Kevin got his Dad's retired badge number.  How awesome to have his Dad's legacy to continue on the dream.
His entire class!  We got there pretty early so we had a great seat, emotions were running wild!
His Dad pinned his badge on.
Giving all the instructors/lieutenants hugs and hand shakes.
After the ceremony, took lots of photos of course.  Love his uniform hat!
His very proud uncle and Dad.
My parents.
His brother and girlfriend came to support him too!  I don't have any photos of his parents, but they were all there too.  It was a great day celebrating Kevin!
After graduation we were able to grab a quick lunch with the graduate before he had to go back to work for the day.  Natalie and I took selfies because we were a little bored haha  Kevin was so busy talking to everyone, he was so excited!
After the graduation ceremony, Kevin had to go back to work for a few hours.  At the end of the day, all the recruits got to write their name on the walls of the training facility.  Kev found his Dad's name back when he was in recruit training in 1987!  How awesome is that!
Friday night was his class party, we had so much fun!
Helping the treasurer re-count the money for the bar tab.
Treasurer Taylor on the mic, trying to let everyone know drinks are on the house except shots! haha
These two are at the same firehouse together!
Drew and Kevin became good buddies throughout recruit training.
Kevin's company for recruit school.  We had so much fun hanging out with everyone in his class, and meeting new people.
Saturday we celebrated the new firefighter!  I had these candles made special for him, they are from this etsy shop.  I wasn't anticipating the candles being so tall, so we propped them up with plastic forks.
Had some fire themed candy at the table.
And our favorite cookies from our favorite bakery!
Throughout his training, I printed photos of anything they would post online.  So glad I did, he'll have these memories forever.
Hadley the firefighter!  My Mom printed his badge number on this play hat.
We both wore his class shirt to his party, I think most of our casual wear are going to be fire shirts from now on!
The party was at a local brewery called Rhinegeist, family and kid friendly.
I am so unbelievably happy for Kevin.  He has been beaming all weekend.  Recruit training was 22 weeks long.  It's been hard, but wouldn't change a thing.  He has came home mentally and physically exhausted for 22 weeks in a row.  His poor body has been through some intense training, but he kept going every single day.  He never slept past his alarm, he would jump up out of bed every single morning ready to start the day.  Which truly shows how much his heart is in this.  He has wanted this for so long, he's going to be an amazing fireman.  He has the biggest heart, he always wants to help people.  Doesn't matter who you are, he will help you no matter what the circumstances.  He's always had that kind gentle soul since I've known him.

Becoming a firefighter is the perfect job for him, he's not the type to sit behind a desk at an office.  He was born for this.  I am so very proud of his accomplishments, he studied so hard, he got excellent grades on all the tests, he stayed after to get help with certain stations, he has gone above and beyond anything I've ever imagined he would do. 
Babe, you will do great things in your life as a firefighter.  I can't wait to see where this journey takes you in life.  And I'm so very glad to be by your side through all of it. Congrats!!!

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