Monday, September 17, 2018

grad party details.

This past weekend, my parents threw me a college graduation party...finally!  I graduated in December of 2017, you can read more about that here.  We celebrated at our house, fiesta pool style.  It was so much fun!  Here are all the details...
Inside were the desserts/sweets table.  It was a hot day (thank god no rain), so everything that could melt was inside.
My Mom made this cupcake stand! It's just cardboard boxes wrapped in white paper, and then she hot glued the stands to the boxes.  She did the icing all different bright colors.
Cactus pretzel rods!
Tootsie rolls in a sombrero.
And my most favorite, cookies made by Fill Me Up Buttercup!  She is amazing, you just tell her what themed cookies you want and she is awesome.
Outside took a lot of work, but totally worth it.
The favors were awesome, they were koozies and tattoos!
Signage was all my department, and my Mom did all the rest of the decor.
Right outside our back deck, we have these stairs that lead to our laundry room in the basement.  We have a single toilet down there but until this party we never thought to have this door open!  We've always had our grill in this space blocking the steps.  So my lovely Mama scrubbed the toilet so good it looked brand new, for a basement toilet that is.  This worked out so well for people to use, instead of having to go in the side door and go through the house all wet.
My Mom made these paper flowers herself! She did a great job, they held up pretty much for the party but towards the end the tape couldn't take the heat!
Aside from the favors, this was my favorite part of the entire party.  My awesome husband made a bar for the party! It was very simple, the part that took the longest was the painting.  It's basically 9 crates nailed together, two boards on the sides, and two skinny boards on the top.  We can use this for many future parties!
Everyone had so much fun!
And what's a pool party at the Merz Oasis without someone getting hurt.  Yep, that would be me this time! The ladder steps in the deep end broke as I was getting in! The side of my thigh is all scraped up, it is not pretty and hurts like hell.  
Despite the injury, it was a great party celebrating a huge accomplishment in my life.  So glad we finally got to celebrate, fiesta pool style!  Thanks to my husband for all the work you did, thanks to my Mom who did so much! Everything turned out fabulous! And thanks to everyone who came, we had a blast!

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