Tuesday, August 7, 2018

hydrangeas are planted.

A few weeks ago, we ordered hydrangeas for the side of our house.  I've never ordered flowers online before, but it was super easy and the way they shipped to our house was pretty cool.  They each came in separate boxes, the roots were covered with plastic. I took them all out of the boxes right away, and watered them on our front porch.
This is what the side yard looked like before on the left, and then on the right after we ripped out all the weeds.  A few years ago, we tried to plant a garden back here but it didn't work so good.  The weeds started growing, and we never did anything with it.  Until now!
For a few weeks, I had the plants sitting on the side of the house.  We have been going to the lake almost every weekend this summer, so not much time to plant on the weekends.  Notice how dark the chimney is in this photo.
Hadley loves to help water the flowers, we did this daily for a few weeks.
When I was finally ready to plant, I pressure washed the white fence, and the brick as far as I could reach.  The chimney in this photo is still wet, if you noticed in the other photos above, the chimney was almost black before the pressure washing began.  The hardest part was digging holes for the hydrangeas to go in.  This side of our house had giant rocks and lots of tree roots under the ground.  Very hard to get out with just a shovel, but I did it!
And they are planted!  You can see in the far left one tiny hydrangea is peeping out already! I seriously didn't think I would see any until next year.  You can see the large rocks in the front of the grass, I have to manage to throw those away somehow. 
You can see the small piles, which is the large rocks and tree roots I pulled out of the ground. We purposely did not put grass seed down by the house.  We have plans to mulch the hydrangeas, and build a little trench like thing.   Slowly we are getting the outside of our house looking much nicer than previous years.  It takes lots of work, but totally worth it.  I can't wait to see these hydrangea plants grow to their full potential!  I think it'll look nice along side our house.

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