Wednesday, August 22, 2018

cold fruit vs room temperature.

Random thought...

Do you like your fruit cold or room temperature?
I like my fruit right out of the fridge.  I think it tastes different when it's been sitting out all day at room temperature.  Don't you? Or am I the only one that feels this way.  Maybe by having it sit out makes it last longer? I don't really know.  Sometimes I have these random thoughts and when I am able to, I'll write them out here and it could be a blog post! haha  Even prefer my sandwiches for lunch cold, like peanut butter.  I love cold bread when you're talking about a peanut butter sandwich.  Unless the sandwich is supposed to be hot of course.  But when it comes to fruit, I prefer it cold. 

Let me know how you like your fruit! I'd love to take a poll.  Maybe I'll do that poll thingy on Instagram stores!

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