Friday, August 31, 2018

around here.

around here relaxing with her iPad before bed.
around here trying new things, ends up I do like hummus! And pita chips.

Friday is here! And it's a long weekend this time. The first of many holidays are on the horizon from here on out and I can't wait!  We have some things to do around the house, and then we are headed to the lake.  The weather forecast looks great for this weekend, hot and sunny.  I'll take it!  Happy last day of August. 

This Labor day weekend,
Rum. Relax. Repeat.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

hadley / august.

I will be documenting Hadley this year by giving monthly updates on what she is up to!
This is what Hadley has been up to in August 2018.

DRINKING:  Lemonade.

READING:  Vroom Vroom, learning the different sounds the fire truck, police car, ambulance, and helicopter make.

PLAYING:  Outside after school.

WEARING:  Flip flops.

EATING:  Steak.

WATCHING:  Air Buds.

ENJOYING:  Swimming in our pool.


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

from the weekend.

We did lots of house stuff this weekend.  Moved this large painting I did a few years ago into our bedroom.
Saturday morning swim lessons.  We had the last class, moving up to the next level.
Covered the top of our bathroom cabinets with the same shower curtain fabric.
From our summer bucket list this year, we made semi-homemade mini cherry pies!
Hadley started her first official school year in the Preschool 2 class aka the big kid class.
Kaiden came over this past Sunday to hang out for a little while, Hadley was in heaven with her cousin.

It's Tuesday, but here's how our weekend went! House stuff, swim lessons, baking, and school pictures.  Pretty low key, but eventful.  Have a good week everyone!

Friday, August 24, 2018

around here.

around here Hadley made this pottery bowl at school.  She loves summer camp!
around here ate dinner outside with candles.  Checking this off our summer bucket list!
around here Hadley is starting to get more and more papers from school! Getting so big, next week marks her official start of the school year in the preschool class.
around here porch sitting with my man!

Happy Friday people! What do you have going on this weekend? We plan on relaxing tonight, swim lessons tomorrow morning, house stuff tomorrow afternoon, and Sunday is wide open! I'm glad it's going to be hot this weekend, I don't want it to cool down yet! We love summer!

Have a great weekend everyone...

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

cold fruit vs room temperature.

Random thought...

Do you like your fruit cold or room temperature?
I like my fruit right out of the fridge.  I think it tastes different when it's been sitting out all day at room temperature.  Don't you? Or am I the only one that feels this way.  Maybe by having it sit out makes it last longer? I don't really know.  Sometimes I have these random thoughts and when I am able to, I'll write them out here and it could be a blog post! haha  Even prefer my sandwiches for lunch cold, like peanut butter.  I love cold bread when you're talking about a peanut butter sandwich.  Unless the sandwich is supposed to be hot of course.  But when it comes to fruit, I prefer it cold. 

Let me know how you like your fruit! I'd love to take a poll.  Maybe I'll do that poll thingy on Instagram stores!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

links on Tuesday.

Happy Tuesday!
Some fun links to check out for the start of the week.
(By clicking on the bolded text, it will bring you directly to the link!)
+ diy : backyard landscaping
+ in the kitchen : roasted asparagus
+ new found love : plant lady
+ book to read : HomeBody
+ for the kiddos : lunch box
+ active wear : Nike tank
(Image Source via : Pinterest)  Smathers Beach in Key West Florida, was the only beach we found on our honeymoon!

Monday, August 20, 2018

from the weekend.

Started off the weekend with a festival, we made it right after the rain and it was perfect!
She is getting much better at swim lessons!
Went to the zoo, she loves the gorillas!
And Sunday funday in the pool!

We had a fantastic weekend, a little busy but nothing too crazy.  Sunday in the pool was just lovely.  The water feels amazing, not too cold, and not too warm, it's perfect!  Ready to tackle this week, and looking forward to another weekend already.

Happy Monday!

Friday, August 17, 2018

around here.

around here picked up George from doggie day care Monday night, he was pooped!
around here my cousin got engaged!
around here keeping the office plants alive, four months now!
around here adding new pictures to the office wall.

Happy Friday! Man has it been a week, felt like every day this week was a blur.  So happy it's the weekend, and hope the rain stops sometime soon! I'd like to mow the grass, enjoy the pool, and plant some more flowers out back!

Happy weekend everyone!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

k&m / august.

A new year of K&M monthly posts.  Fun fun right?  Here we go...

Started off the month watching some guys in dresses play softball.

A first for Kevin, a second for me.

We celebrated seven years of being in our home. 

Time flies when you're having fun.

We had his family over for a small pool party.

He has got the pool looking awesome, it's crystal clear. 

We got to spend a weekend away, it was nice.

This summer is slipping away, but we've still got a few weeks left in the pool!

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Monday, August 13, 2018

our short weekend getaway.

Friday night we drove to Lake Cumberland to see my friend Kristin and her husband.  The drive wasn't too bad at all, and we had some beautiful scenery along the way.
When we arrived, hung out on the deck with some drinks, music, and good conversation.
Meanwhile, back home Hadley was enjoying herself at her cousin Kaiden's 6th birthday party.
Saturday we went out on the boat for a little bit.
Beautiful weather.
Xena is the sweetest dog, and she just loves the boat.
On the way home, Kevin finished part of his homework for fire training.  Taking photos at each fire station in the city.
So happy to see our sweet Hadley, went to dinner on the way home and she was so good, as always.  Just love her, and missed her like crazy.

We had a good weekend, and now back to the grind!  Happy Monday!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

hydrangeas are planted.

A few weeks ago, we ordered hydrangeas for the side of our house.  I've never ordered flowers online before, but it was super easy and the way they shipped to our house was pretty cool.  They each came in separate boxes, the roots were covered with plastic. I took them all out of the boxes right away, and watered them on our front porch.
This is what the side yard looked like before on the left, and then on the right after we ripped out all the weeds.  A few years ago, we tried to plant a garden back here but it didn't work so good.  The weeds started growing, and we never did anything with it.  Until now!
For a few weeks, I had the plants sitting on the side of the house.  We have been going to the lake almost every weekend this summer, so not much time to plant on the weekends.  Notice how dark the chimney is in this photo.
Hadley loves to help water the flowers, we did this daily for a few weeks.
When I was finally ready to plant, I pressure washed the white fence, and the brick as far as I could reach.  The chimney in this photo is still wet, if you noticed in the other photos above, the chimney was almost black before the pressure washing began.  The hardest part was digging holes for the hydrangeas to go in.  This side of our house had giant rocks and lots of tree roots under the ground.  Very hard to get out with just a shovel, but I did it!
And they are planted!  You can see in the far left one tiny hydrangea is peeping out already! I seriously didn't think I would see any until next year.  You can see the large rocks in the front of the grass, I have to manage to throw those away somehow. 
You can see the small piles, which is the large rocks and tree roots I pulled out of the ground. We purposely did not put grass seed down by the house.  We have plans to mulch the hydrangeas, and build a little trench like thing.   Slowly we are getting the outside of our house looking much nicer than previous years.  It takes lots of work, but totally worth it.  I can't wait to see these hydrangea plants grow to their full potential!  I think it'll look nice along side our house.

Monday, August 6, 2018

from the weekend.

Had a busy weekend, something to do everyday it seemed.  On Saturday, I planted some new flowers at Hadley's school.  The outside needed a little uplift, and it looks fabulous!  A relaxing get together with Kevin's family.  Went way too fast, but the weather was perfect.

Happy Monday!

Friday, August 3, 2018

around here.

around here started our week off at the dentist.  First visit for little miss and she did great! She is watching the hygienist make her a balloon animal.
around here came down with a stomach bug, but popsicles seemed to help after a full day of rest.
around here working on a bulletin board idea for Hadley's school.
around here enjoyed some margaritas after work.
around here taking a quick swim before dinner.

Another week down, and here is the weekend!  Ready to see some guys run around in skirts tonight, tomorrow Hadley has her first swim lesson, have yard work to do at the house and at Hadley's school.  Sunday we're having a little get together with Kevin's family.  And then the big kids are gone the rest of this month, we all will miss them but have plenty to keep us busy.  Looking forward to getting things done this weekend.  We've spent lots of fun weekends at the lake this summer, but it's time to do some things around our house.

Have a good one & happy August!