Thursday, July 12, 2018

summer bucket list 2018/check-in.

Here is how we are doing with our Summer Bucket List this year!

Here is the list if it's too hard to read:
- go on a picnic with stuffed animals & doll babies
- go to a festival Went to 2 festivals so far, St. Antoninus & Rapid Run Fest
- run a 5k
- visit a pet store
- feed the ducks
- movie night
- lie on the ground and look at the stars
- eat pizza on a dock (forgot to check off on list) Ate pizza from the marina on the dock at the lake
- invite someone to a new breakfast spot
- make a summer recipe
- driveway sparkler party Fourth of July did sparklers in the driveway
- eat dinner outside with candles
- visit the zoo
- make homemade milkshakes
- go to the library
- trip to the dollar store
- go to a splash park
- drink a cocktail with a DIY umbrella
- go to a concert (forgot to check off on list) Jimmy Buffet!
- decorate for 4th of July
- make a pie from scratch
- paint nails a shimmery pink check!
- watch the sun rise/set
- go out for ice cream after dinner Went to Sweet Treats after dinner 
- go to the movies on a rainy day
- breakfast for dinner
- draw with chalk

Don't you just love summer time?  I could have summer all year round.  Can't wait to keep checking things off the list!  Happy Summer!

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