Tuesday, July 24, 2018


watering the flowers like crazy.

thankful to have the best helper.

hopeful she'll love flowers as much as I do now.

relieved to have all seven hydrangeas planted.

racing through July so fast.

preparing more posts for next month.

smiling every time I walk into our new kitchen.

enjoying how much one on one time I have with Hadley.

making progress with house and yard stuff.

using lots of lists to stay organized.

looking forward to some fun things planned.

checking on the flowers daily.

sleeping poorly due to a mind that won't settle.

spending some time on how people can just change.

trying to get a grasp on it.

watching Gilmore Girls like I should've been the director.

using pencil instead of pen these days.

eating cherries everyday.

(Photo of Hadley on our back deck watering everything in sight).

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