Tuesday, July 3, 2018

around the yard.

This year has been the best year for our yard.  We decided to start from scratch with our front lawn, and now we are slowly adding plants and flowers to the yard.  It's looking fabulous around our house!
Let's start with the back yard.  This is our deck, and I moved a few planters from the front to the back.  Our front porch was getting a little crowded.
The side of our back deck, hanging flower basket.
This is probably my favorite photo of the back deck.  I've never bought those type of hanging baskets before, and they are still alive so I'm doing something right!
Along the side of the pool are plain old hostas.  They have been here for a few years now.  The third one down needs some help, Kevin sprayed roundup too close to it and I think it's not going to grow any bigger.
This part of the back yard used to be weeds galore, we've been able to maintain the weeds so far this year. We put down some landscaping fabric after we pulled all the weeds and sprayed massive amounts of roundup.  We put mulch down over the fabric and it's been pretty good so far.  A few big mama weeds have managed to bust through the fabric, but overall we've been happy with it.
The front yard! Hostas, impatiens, two smaller planters, one large planter, and new porch swing pillows!
The first thing I planted was hostas on the bottom left, and I'm sort of regretting it.  I mean they look great, and hostas are super easy, but I originally wanted to do hydrangea in that spot so the back of the concrete would be mostly covered.  But, I was a little nervous about how they would do so I went the easy route.
On the bottom right, we planted hostas and impatiens.  I cannot wait until they grow and fill out!  See the white dirty fence in the background?  Along this side of the house, we are going to plant the hydrangea I wanted to plant in the front!
Here's a closer look at our porch, this is my favorite spot at our house!
This planter has impatiens, begonias, and coleus in the middle.  The flowers are doing great, but the coleus isn't growing as tall as I thought it would.  I think I crammed it in the middle too tight, but overall still love this one.  I planted rocks in the bottom, then soil, then the flowers.
This planter is my favorite!  It has the same as the bigger one, impatiens and coleus I put in the back.  See how tall they are getting?  I wish they would get that tall in the big round one, but oh well.  I love this combination of flowers together.
 Every summer, I buy a new mat for the front porch.  After it withstands the harsh winter weather, it's usually time for a new one come spring/summer time.
Along this side of the driveway, we planted asiatic lilies!
They are growing great, and little miss Hadley loves to help me water all the flowers.
Love our little yard!  This is all new to me and I love every second of it.  I don't know why it took me this long to really care about flowers and planting them, but I'm glad I finally did.  It's so rewarding to look at all the hard work put into our yard.

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