Friday, July 13, 2018

around here.

around here Hadley started soccer at her school.
around here some festive decor for the Jimmy Buffet concert!
around here very very strong jello shots and tequila filled strawberries.
around here had the best time at Jimmy Buffet.  My Mom made her headband!
around here watering anything she can reach.
around here our magnolia tree is blooming again. 
around here had a pool guy come out to look at our skimmers, it's all fixed now!
around here showing me how she can climb the tree like her sister Natalie does.
around here had princess day at her school, Snow White and Moana came for a visit.

Friday is here! This week has flown by hasn't it?  I'm so ready for the hot weather, the sunshine, and our pool! Yes, our pool is finally fixed. The skimmers were having issues while being vacuumed out, but now it's all good.  No more semi-cloudy pool.  It's crystal clear now, pool party anyone?

We have a few fun things planned this weekend!  Soo looking forward to it!

Happy weekend everyone!!! 

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