Monday, July 30, 2018

from the weekend.

Photos from the weekend, had a great time at the lake! The weather was beautiful and we loved every second of it.  Happy last week of July, soaking up every spare second of this summer we can.  Happy Monday! Make it a great week.

Friday, July 27, 2018

around here.

around here been running after work along the river.  It's been awesome and very flat.
around here she has been trying to write her letters more and more.
around here we've been playing McDonald's drive thru. She takes our order, and makes our food.
around here the plants in the back deck aren't doing so hot.  I've been giving the front plants too much attention!

Another week down.  Happy full moon Friday! It's going to be a fabulous weekend around here, the weather looks glorious.  The week seems to move very slowly, and then Friday comes around and the day flies by. Not much else to report.  Anxious to get this weekend started.

Have a great one.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

hadley / july.

I will be documenting Hadley this year by giving monthly updates on what she is up to!
This is what Hadley has been up to in July 2018.

DRINKING:  Ice water.

READING:  Race you to bed, Thelma the Unicorn, and Vroom Vroom.

PLAYING:  McDonalds drive thru.

WEARING:  Flip flops.

EATING:  Pizza Lunchables.

WATCHING:  Not much of the iPad & reading more books!

ENJOYING:  Tubing at the lake.


Tuesday, July 24, 2018


watering the flowers like crazy.

thankful to have the best helper.

hopeful she'll love flowers as much as I do now.

relieved to have all seven hydrangeas planted.

racing through July so fast.

preparing more posts for next month.

smiling every time I walk into our new kitchen.

enjoying how much one on one time I have with Hadley.

making progress with house and yard stuff.

using lots of lists to stay organized.

looking forward to some fun things planned.

checking on the flowers daily.

sleeping poorly due to a mind that won't settle.

spending some time on how people can just change.

trying to get a grasp on it.

watching Gilmore Girls like I should've been the director.

using pencil instead of pen these days.

eating cherries everyday.

(Photo of Hadley on our back deck watering everything in sight).

Monday, July 23, 2018

from the weekend.

Loving my new summer pillow cases thanks to Aunt Cindy!
The flowers are happy.
George loves the lake, he roams all over and always comes back.
Brady, Natalie, and Hadley went tubing!

Photos from the weekend, wasn't the best weather wise but it cooled down a lot.  I finally planted all of the hydrangeas! After having them for a few weeks, it feels good to have them planted in the ground where they belong. At the lake, George just loves life down there.  I think he's lost some weight too, from all the running around he does.  And Hadley went tubing with her brother and sister!

It's Monday, and I hope this week goes by a little faster than last week! 

Friday, July 20, 2018

around here.

Not much for the around here post this week.  Didn't take too many photos I guess.  I finally planted some of the hydrangeas, I am not done with this space yet.  We plan to make it look a little nicer than this, but I'm just glad they are partially planted and in the ground where they belong instead of the container they came in!  It's a gloomy rainy Friday, but the weekend is here.  We definitely need the rain, but wish it wasn't on a weekend.  Hoping mister sunshine tries to come out and play this weekend! 

Thursday, July 19, 2018

thirsty thursday.

It's more than just an expression; it's a statement, a proclamation that Thursdays are when the weekend should really start. Kicking it off right is the key, and what better way than with my favorite cocktail that not only is easy to make, but is light in calories too. A hard thing to disagree with, I know. Drink up, get down and go to sleep happy.

Refreshing and tasty, this cocktail is my go to drink. I like mine a little stronger than most, that is for sure. When I make this, I usually pour half of the glass up with Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, and the rest with Zevia Cola, which is a zero calorie cola with no artificial flavors.

Bottoms up, folks!

(Image made in PhotoShop Elements)

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

k&m / july.

A new year of K&M monthly posts.  Fun fun right?  Here we go...

Started off the month celebrating the 4th all week basically.

Was a weird holiday with it falling in the middle of the week.

He has got the pool crystal clear.

She has been swimming in it as much as she can.

He thought he was surprising her with concert tickets.

She had already bought the concert tickets.

We both think alike so much, we don't even realize it.

He's still awesome.

She loves him so.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

our DIY kitchen renovation.

It's kitchen reveal day!  Part of me thought this day would never come.  We started this process when it was still cold outside, and we are nearing the end of July, so it has been a LONG process!  I am so thrilled with the way everything came out, and I can't wait to share all the details with you.  (I will be sure to include a list of sources and links to all the individual products at the end of the post.)

The kitchen was the biggest eyesore in our house, so much that I didn't like posting many photos of it.  It was old, and clearly hadn't been touched up in a long long time.
Here is what our kitchen looked like before.  Yikes.  Not horrible but not the prettiest kitchen either.  The walls were a light greenish color, the back splash tile was older than the house most likely, the hideous light fixture above the sink, the out dated beige radio under the cabinet, which we used a lot actually, the crooked framed kitchen art, the large beige sink, and most of all the half attached hinged cabinets!  Barely any of them closed right, they were either crooked or just not screwed on right.
The first thing we did was painted the walls.  My handy husband did two coats of dry wall mud to get the walls super smooth first.  Our house is pretty old, all the walls are plaster.  Ugh.  Dry wall mud was necessary to get a nice clean evenly coat of paint on the walls.
Next we painted the cabinets! This was the biggest part of the kitchen renovation. Taking all of the cabinets off the hinges, taking the hinges off each cabinet, cleaning each cabinet before painting it, and finding the right type of hardware for these old cabinets.  I mean look at those hinge holes!  Never seen those before in my life.
We found black hardware and love how it looks.  Gives it a nice fresh look.
Next we worked on the grandma tile!  We bought these awesome sticker tiles that goes on right over the old tile.  You still have to cut the stickers to fit the wall, but way easier than ripping down old tile and putting up new.  It is awesome, and looks just like real tile!

We upgraded our fridge also! We kept the old fridge and put it in the basement, it's our beer/gatorade/extra food fridge.  It's so nice having that extra space for food/drink.
The side door that goes outside to the yard was white, and it showed every piece of dirt and was so  hard to keep clean.  So we decided to paint it black, to go with the black hardware and black stove.
And here is the finished painted black door! We bought new shades and it looks great!
The shelf we added above the small window.
We bought the hardware on Amazon, and the wood shelf was cut to size at Home Depot and we painted it white.  All of the items on the shelf were purchased at random places like Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, etc.
Under the bar, I removed the cabinets and sewed these mini curtain covers out of burlap.  All we did was use a small adjustable curtain rod.
Old sink and faucet.
New sink, new faucet, and new light fixture!
To put all of the kitchen things in one spot, I found this little tiny cake tray and put the dish soap, hand soap, and sponge on it.  Everything fits perfectly!
The saying above the cabinets was made my yours truly!  We bought a plain piece of wood, painted it white, and I made the saying out of stencils and painted it black.
Here is how I laid it all out and measured the words to fit the wood.
Had the best little helper along the way!
We ripped out the hardwood in the kitchen also, it was in bad shape.  This was the best before photo I took throughout this process, which has dry wall specs all over.  We use this side door to come in and out when we swim in our pool, and the constant wetness was putting a damper on the wood.  It was getting bad.  Underneath all that hardwood, was aluminum flooring, if that's what it's even called.
We replaced the hardwood with porcelain tile.  And we love it!  Like love it.  
My husband did all the tile work, and cutting tile isn't easy.  He did a fantastic job!  
Under the cabinet, we got a new radio.  So much more sleek looking than that old beige huge looking thing.
The radio has a dimmer light which puts off some pretty good light at night.
The pendant lights that hang over the bar area were nice, and they matched the chandelier in the dining room. But they didn't go with our new kitchen so we changed them out.
The new ones are awesome!
Here is the old chandelier.
New chandelier.  Matches the bar lights, and the kitchen hardware perfectly!
This side of the cabinets was plain white, nothing on it.  We sanded it down, painted chalkboard paint on it so now we can write little sayings or what's for dinner, that sort of thing.
We hung some kitchen prints on the walls, had them printed at FedEx.  Framed and done.  Super easy.
Soo much better!  I get a big silly grin on my face every time I walk into our kitchen now, rather than cringing at the ugliness that was our old kitchen!  The only thing we would like to still do are the counter tops.  We have this counter top paint we found, and after it's painted it looks like granite!  It's a long process to start, so we haven't started it yet.  Once we do, I will be sure to update this post.  But in the meantime, I hope you've enjoyed this long thorough post about our kitchen.  It was so much fun updating everything, it's amazing what a few changes can do.

Tile back splash stickers
Bar light fixtures
Over the sink light fixture
Porcelain tile
Wall paint
Cabinet paint
Pipe shelf brackets
Door blinds