Tuesday, June 19, 2018

summer bucket list 2018.

Here is our Summer Bucket List for 2018!  I love making these lists.  It gives all of us something to look forward to.  We might not do everything on the list, but it helps with ideas to have in mind.  We've gone to a festival which is checked off, and went for ice cream after dinner this past weekend which isn't checked off yet. 

Here is the list if it's too hard to read:
- go on a picnic with stuffed animals & doll babies
- go to a festival
- run a 5k
- visit a pet store
- feed the ducks
- movie night
- lie on the ground and look at the stars
- eat pizza on a dock
- invite someone to a new breakfast spot
- make a summer recipe
- driveway sparkler party
- eat dinner outside with candles
- visit the zoo
- make homemade milkshakes
- go to the library
- trip to the dollar store
- go to a splash park
- drink a cocktail with a DIY umbrella
- go to a concert
- decorate for 4th of July
- make a pie from scratch
- paint nails a shimmery pink
- watch the sun rise/set
- go out for ice cream after dinner
- go to the movies on a rainy day
- breakfast for dinner
- draw with chalk

Back in December, I created a Christmas Bucket List which was a lot of fun.  The kids really get into it and want to check things off as we finish them.  Hoping they will be as excited for the summer one too!  Two more days and summer is officially here, even though in my mind summer starts Memorial Day weekend.  Happy almost summer folks!

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