Wednesday, June 6, 2018

pool season is here.

Pool season is here, but our sweet little pool isn't open yet.  My poor husband has been a busy bee in training so he gets a pass this year.  The pool is his baby, he knows what it needs, he makes it look beautiful and ready to swim for us.  This year, it's been a little of a delay and that's okay!  This past weekend we spent a good chunk of time outside working on the pool & yard.  While he worked on the pool, I did some yard work.  Mainly pulling weeds.  I hate weeds with a passion.  They come back every year with a vengeance.
This side of the pool where my favorite hostas are were full of weeds.  The third hosta down needs some help, hoping it will start growing fuller if I feed it some Miracle Gro.  Oh and our lovely dog George decided to dig in the dirt and make a huge hole in between the hostas so I had to rake it up and put all the rocks back under the deck where they belong.  Took lots of work but it looks great!  The little yellow specs you see is Preen, I put a ton of that down.  Weeds be gone!
The other big weed area is the other side of the pool in the corner by the shed.  Last summer we put landscaping fabric down in this area, it was a lot of work my husband did but it worked for the summer.  A few weeds managed to break through the fabric and popped up this year but not nearly as many as last year.  Worked great!
Along side the fence were weeds growing under neath the fence from our neighbors lawn!  Good lord they are everywhere.  We sprayed some Round Up and then pulled them all. 
See those huge weeds to the bottom right of this photo?  I am going to mow over those and then spray more Round Up I guess.  The entire section over there is a disaster and I don't know what to do with it.  I wish we could kill the grass/weeds and extend the deck over there.
This is the side yard of our house, where our dog George does his business.  See all those bare spots?  Yuck.  The grass here is next on our list, but for now I love to edge the lawn and spray off the sidewalk so it looks all nice and clean.  Next up is the pressure washer!  Going to get all the concrete looking clean.
Brought some of the flowers from the front porch onto the back deck.  Wish I would've done this years ago, it gives it such a different look. 

Our little #merzoasis as we call it in the backyard is our little slice of heaven.  We love the summer months, where we get to enjoy the pool and just relax.  Happy pool season!

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