Thursday, June 21, 2018

hello summer.

Today marks the official first day of Summer!  Although in my book, summer really starts Memorial Day weekend and the weather is already hot enough to be summer.  But any who, it's summer! I love the month of June.  June is when the pool is open.  June is when the flowers look wonderful.  June is when the days turn the longest they are going to get.
Summer is my absolute favorite.  I love the colors.  Grilled dinners.  All the sunshine.  The heat.  The bonus daylight.  I don't know that I feel more inspired in summer, but I feel like more is possible.  I feel more healthier in the summer.  I feel more free and calm.  I'm thrilled that this season, we have a decently busy summer ahead of us, but lots of downtime and weekends to enjoy too.

June is a magic month.  And summer is a magic season.  

(above photo of our back deck/pool).

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