Monday, June 18, 2018

from the weekend.

I'm back!  After not blogging all last week, it feels good to blog again.  We had a crazy week last week.  Hadley came down with the lovely hand/foot/mouth disease from school.  Which took a little turn in our world for a few days, but she is over it and it's all gone now.  If you've never experienced that with a kid before, I've heard it can be horrible.  Luckily, Hadley had a very mild case of it.
If it's too hot outside to run/walk, I've been doing the deck of cards workout inside the house.  It's where you shuffle the cards, flip a card over and do whatever number shows up is how many of that type of exercise you have to do.
- Hearts = pushups
- Diamonds = situps
- Spades = burpees
- Clubs = squats
- Jack through King equals 10 of whichever workout
- Ace = 7 of whichever workout
- Jokers = steps.  I run up and down our basement stairs 4 times.
It's a good workout, I usually do half a deck at a time.
I have been giving my flowers lots of love lately and they are looking awesome.  First time I've ever put this much work into them and it shows finally.  Out little back deck is so nice and relaxing, we love it out there.  Now if the pool would just be good to open we'll be all set.  It's going to be opened this week, Kevin had a few minor setbacks but we're all good now.
Since the pool isn't opened, we whipped out the slip 'n slide and played with that for a few hours.  The kids loved it.  Cooled them off and burned out some energy.
Finally had dinner at the new Cancun on the river, very nice.
Love my new sunnies!
Sunday for a very short time before Brady had a baseball game, we ventured out to a local pool.  The kids were in heaven, very fun and relaxing!
Brady had two baseball games this weekend, and one on actual Father's Day.  So while Kevin was at the game, Hadley and I went to see my Dad.  I love this photo, definitely have to get it framed.

We had a fun, busy, and hot weekend.  I mean it's hot here!   Like low 90's, but feels like 100 plus.  It's so hot.  Like too hot to even lay out.  The pool will be opened this week, that is where you will find me after work.  Chilling in our pool.

Have a great week everyone, stay cool, and drink lots of water!

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