Monday, June 4, 2018

from the weekend.

We had an eventful weekend!  Friday started out at the doctor getting her finger checked out.  She got bit at school the day before so we wanted to make sure it was okay.  They gave us antibiotics which should take care of it.  Whew, never having this happened before is an experience!
After the doctor, we took the rest of the day and hung out together.  Went to the park to feed the ducks.  We saw probably 10 turtles too!
Saturday we went to the zoo!  Since we are season pass holders we got there at 9am which was perfect, it was a little crowded waiting to get in but that whole hour before it's open to the public was great.  
After Hadleys nap Saturday, we ran through the sprinkler out side while Daddy grilled steak. Yes, I let him this time haha  For dessert we made pudding dirt cups!  You can buy them at Kroger, here's a link Oreo Dirt Dessert Kit.  Chocolate pudding, oreo crumbs on top, and then gummy worms. They were yummy!
Sunday morning, Princess Anna went with me to my parents for a little bit.  It was so cute she wanted to wear this dress as her outfit!
Helping Grandma fill the bird feeder up.
Finally got around to planting the leftovers from this planter.  Not sure how this will do because I had to cram these in the container but we'll see how it goes.
Our front porch was getting a little crowded with all the flowers, so I moved some to our back deck.  

It was a great weekend.  The zoo was fun, and then we pretty much did lots of yard work and started on the pool.  It has to be ready by next weekend for our first pool party of the summer!  Kevin did lots of studying while we were at my parents.  In other news, today is Hadley's first day of summer camp at her school.  Each week they have themed weeks and something fun planned everyday for the summer.  Today Mr. Cowpie is coming for a visit, and then they get to tie dye t-shirts.  Can't wait to hear about her day.  

Happy Monday, make it a great week!

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