Friday, June 29, 2018

around here.

around here teaching my girl the art of watering flowers.  She will hopefully get my Mom's green thumb since I didn't really "get it" until now.
around here not sure what is up with our dog George, he's not been himself lately.
around here loving this planter so much, it's my favorite!  It amazes me that I planted it and love how full it looks!
around here enjoying some Moscato while getting my hair done.  Just glorious!
around here playing with washi tape.
around here loving the lilies we picked out for the front yard.  They are blooming beautifully!
around here I have big plans for this side of the yard!
around here took a quick swim after dinner.  She looks like a mini teenager here! #stopgrowing
around here sitting on the front porch, eating a popsicle for dessert, and listening to my hubby talk all about his day.

It's Friday! So excited for this weekend! It's going to be a hot one, but looking forward to being outside in the water.  The big kids come back, and Hadley loves it when they are home.  She misses them so much when they are gone.  Our dog George has been acting funny this week.  I took him with me in the car to pick up Hadley at school one night, and he threw up in my car! I about barfed at the sight of it.  Poor guy, hope he's okay.

We have been enjoying our yard so much this year, it's amazing what a little yard work can do.  It's a lot of work every few days, picking and watering, but it's so worth it.  I love to sit on the front porch or the back deck, and just admire our yard and the flowers.  It's so rewarding!  In one of the photos above, the right side of our house, I have big plans to spruce this side.  We purposely did not put grass seed along side the house, which is why you see a bunch of dirt.  We want to plant some perennials and make a big mulch bed.  We were thinking hydrangea bushes, something easy and something that gets full. But first, to pressure wash the brick and fence!

Happy weekend folks, stay cool out there, drink lots of water!

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