Friday, June 29, 2018

around here.

around here teaching my girl the art of watering flowers.  She will hopefully get my Mom's green thumb since I didn't really "get it" until now.
around here not sure what is up with our dog George, he's not been himself lately.
around here loving this planter so much, it's my favorite!  It amazes me that I planted it and love how full it looks!
around here enjoying some Moscato while getting my hair done.  Just glorious!
around here playing with washi tape.
around here loving the lilies we picked out for the front yard.  They are blooming beautifully!
around here I have big plans for this side of the yard!
around here took a quick swim after dinner.  She looks like a mini teenager here! #stopgrowing
around here sitting on the front porch, eating a popsicle for dessert, and listening to my hubby talk all about his day.

It's Friday! So excited for this weekend! It's going to be a hot one, but looking forward to being outside in the water.  The big kids come back, and Hadley loves it when they are home.  She misses them so much when they are gone.  Our dog George has been acting funny this week.  I took him with me in the car to pick up Hadley at school one night, and he threw up in my car! I about barfed at the sight of it.  Poor guy, hope he's okay.

We have been enjoying our yard so much this year, it's amazing what a little yard work can do.  It's a lot of work every few days, picking and watering, but it's so worth it.  I love to sit on the front porch or the back deck, and just admire our yard and the flowers.  It's so rewarding!  In one of the photos above, the right side of our house, I have big plans to spruce this side.  We purposely did not put grass seed along side the house, which is why you see a bunch of dirt.  We want to plant some perennials and make a big mulch bed.  We were thinking hydrangea bushes, something easy and something that gets full. But first, to pressure wash the brick and fence!

Happy weekend folks, stay cool out there, drink lots of water!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

hadley / june.

I will be documenting Hadley this year by giving monthly updates on what she is up to!
This is what Hadley has been up to in June 2018.

DRINKING:  Blue gatorade.

READING:  Race you to bed, Thelma the Unicorn, and Brown Bear Brown Bear.

PLAYING:  Babies and stuffed animals, sets up in a circle on the carpet.

WEARING:  Flip flops.

EATING:  Pizza rolls.


ENJOYING:  Watering the flowers and helping Daddy get the pool ready.


Wednesday, June 27, 2018

national sunnies day.

Did you know it was National Sunglasses Day?  We love to wear sunglasses!  My daughter has about 5-6 pairs she has randomly accumulated.  She likes to wear them most in the car when the sun is in her eyes.
My husband and I wear them all the time when it's sunny outside.  Even at the lake, pool, or beach we wear them constantly.  Some people don't wear them because they don't want the tan line on their eyes or the side of their face, but who cares really?
You are protecting your eyes.  My hubby will have raccoon eyes after a weekend in the sun, but at least he's protected right?

So for National Sunglasses Day, post a picture of you and your sunglasses!

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- #NationalSunglassesDay
- #SunglassSelfie

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

k&m / june.

A new year of K&M monthly posts.  Fun fun right?  Here we go...

Celebrated Memorial Day weekend to kick off the summer.

We've been going to as many festivals as we can.

He loves to play bars and bells.

She loves to randomly win $25!

She is truckin along on her last year of thirties list.

Met with a doctor, and received some news that is a little funny.

Nothing earth shattering, but at age 39 a little shocked to hear.

He has been working hard on the pool in between his studying.

It's ready, just still cloudy.  The algae is high this year.

He takes pictures with her anytime she wants.

She loves it.

She has been planting new flowers in the yard.

He has mulched it all.

He's awesome.

And it looks amazing.

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Monday, June 25, 2018

goodbye Preschool 1.

This month, June 11th to be exact marked another big milestone in our sweet little Hadley's life.  She started official preschool!  She has been in the 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 year old class which is called Preschool 1.  We call it "pre-preschool".  Now that she will turn 4 years old in 5 months or so, she gets to move up to the big kid class which is officially Preschool!  I am so excited for her, she is learning so much at school.
In her time in the Preschool 1 class, she has brought home numerous artwork pieces and I've saved some of them.  It's hard to save every one, especially the ones that have just crayon scribble on them.  I tend to save the ones that she gets excited to talk about.
In her last year of Preschool 1, Hadley now knows all of her letters, can count to almost 20, is fully potty trained (thank you lord), knows countless songs by heart, is learning her left from her right feet/hands, says every persons name on both sides of our family at night for prayers.
These photos were all sent by her lovely teacher Miss Becca.  She is awesome.  It's very comforting to get such random cute photos of my girl while she's at school during the day.  It's nice to know she is cared for so well there and the teachers treat the kids like their own kiddos.  Above are her teachers Miss Susan and Miss Becca.  The best.
Here are a few photos from the big kid Preschool 2 class.  During the summer, they have themed weeks where they do fun things related to that theme.  She loves it!  I'm excited for Hadley to learn and grow in this next phase of her life.  She transitioned very well into the Preschool 2 class, and is making new friends and already has some friends that moved up before she did.  Let's just hope her new teachers send me as many photos as her other teachers did!

Welcome to preschool babe!  You will do great things!

Friday, June 22, 2018

around here.

around here someone who's almost 4 years old (in 5 months) can touch in the shallow end!  She was so excited.
around here blowing bubbles on the front porch when it's 100 degrees out.
around here giving the pony a nice hair do.
around here my favorite thing to do after everyone goes to bed, is sit on the porch.
around here look at this precious sleeping babe so peaceful in her comfy bed.

Annnndddd it's Friday! Yay!  Have a wonderful, lovely weekend.

p.s.  Happy Birthday in heaven Grandma June!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

hello summer.

Today marks the official first day of Summer!  Although in my book, summer really starts Memorial Day weekend and the weather is already hot enough to be summer.  But any who, it's summer! I love the month of June.  June is when the pool is open.  June is when the flowers look wonderful.  June is when the days turn the longest they are going to get.
Summer is my absolute favorite.  I love the colors.  Grilled dinners.  All the sunshine.  The heat.  The bonus daylight.  I don't know that I feel more inspired in summer, but I feel like more is possible.  I feel more healthier in the summer.  I feel more free and calm.  I'm thrilled that this season, we have a decently busy summer ahead of us, but lots of downtime and weekends to enjoy too.

June is a magic month.  And summer is a magic season.  

(above photo of our back deck/pool).

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

steak and asparagus according to a 3 year old.

Hadley's school made this little recipe book for all the Dad's in the class.  Every kid had their photo on the front, and inside was all of the recipes they gave.  
Here is Hadley's interpretation of steak and asparagus that we make on a regular basis.  It was the cutest thing!  Reading some of the other kids recipes were hilarious.  I love how the teachers come up with these cute simple ideas.  

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

summer bucket list 2018.

Here is our Summer Bucket List for 2018!  I love making these lists.  It gives all of us something to look forward to.  We might not do everything on the list, but it helps with ideas to have in mind.  We've gone to a festival which is checked off, and went for ice cream after dinner this past weekend which isn't checked off yet. 

Here is the list if it's too hard to read:
- go on a picnic with stuffed animals & doll babies
- go to a festival
- run a 5k
- visit a pet store
- feed the ducks
- movie night
- lie on the ground and look at the stars
- eat pizza on a dock
- invite someone to a new breakfast spot
- make a summer recipe
- driveway sparkler party
- eat dinner outside with candles
- visit the zoo
- make homemade milkshakes
- go to the library
- trip to the dollar store
- go to a splash park
- drink a cocktail with a DIY umbrella
- go to a concert
- decorate for 4th of July
- make a pie from scratch
- paint nails a shimmery pink
- watch the sun rise/set
- go out for ice cream after dinner
- go to the movies on a rainy day
- breakfast for dinner
- draw with chalk

Back in December, I created a Christmas Bucket List which was a lot of fun.  The kids really get into it and want to check things off as we finish them.  Hoping they will be as excited for the summer one too!  Two more days and summer is officially here, even though in my mind summer starts Memorial Day weekend.  Happy almost summer folks!

Monday, June 18, 2018

from the weekend.

I'm back!  After not blogging all last week, it feels good to blog again.  We had a crazy week last week.  Hadley came down with the lovely hand/foot/mouth disease from school.  Which took a little turn in our world for a few days, but she is over it and it's all gone now.  If you've never experienced that with a kid before, I've heard it can be horrible.  Luckily, Hadley had a very mild case of it.
If it's too hot outside to run/walk, I've been doing the deck of cards workout inside the house.  It's where you shuffle the cards, flip a card over and do whatever number shows up is how many of that type of exercise you have to do.
- Hearts = pushups
- Diamonds = situps
- Spades = burpees
- Clubs = squats
- Jack through King equals 10 of whichever workout
- Ace = 7 of whichever workout
- Jokers = steps.  I run up and down our basement stairs 4 times.
It's a good workout, I usually do half a deck at a time.
I have been giving my flowers lots of love lately and they are looking awesome.  First time I've ever put this much work into them and it shows finally.  Out little back deck is so nice and relaxing, we love it out there.  Now if the pool would just be good to open we'll be all set.  It's going to be opened this week, Kevin had a few minor setbacks but we're all good now.
Since the pool isn't opened, we whipped out the slip 'n slide and played with that for a few hours.  The kids loved it.  Cooled them off and burned out some energy.
Finally had dinner at the new Cancun on the river, very nice.
Love my new sunnies!
Sunday for a very short time before Brady had a baseball game, we ventured out to a local pool.  The kids were in heaven, very fun and relaxing!
Brady had two baseball games this weekend, and one on actual Father's Day.  So while Kevin was at the game, Hadley and I went to see my Dad.  I love this photo, definitely have to get it framed.

We had a fun, busy, and hot weekend.  I mean it's hot here!   Like low 90's, but feels like 100 plus.  It's so hot.  Like too hot to even lay out.  The pool will be opened this week, that is where you will find me after work.  Chilling in our pool.

Have a great week everyone, stay cool, and drink lots of water!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

pool season is here.

Pool season is here, but our sweet little pool isn't open yet.  My poor husband has been a busy bee in training so he gets a pass this year.  The pool is his baby, he knows what it needs, he makes it look beautiful and ready to swim for us.  This year, it's been a little of a delay and that's okay!  This past weekend we spent a good chunk of time outside working on the pool & yard.  While he worked on the pool, I did some yard work.  Mainly pulling weeds.  I hate weeds with a passion.  They come back every year with a vengeance.
This side of the pool where my favorite hostas are were full of weeds.  The third hosta down needs some help, hoping it will start growing fuller if I feed it some Miracle Gro.  Oh and our lovely dog George decided to dig in the dirt and make a huge hole in between the hostas so I had to rake it up and put all the rocks back under the deck where they belong.  Took lots of work but it looks great!  The little yellow specs you see is Preen, I put a ton of that down.  Weeds be gone!
The other big weed area is the other side of the pool in the corner by the shed.  Last summer we put landscaping fabric down in this area, it was a lot of work my husband did but it worked for the summer.  A few weeds managed to break through the fabric and popped up this year but not nearly as many as last year.  Worked great!
Along side the fence were weeds growing under neath the fence from our neighbors lawn!  Good lord they are everywhere.  We sprayed some Round Up and then pulled them all. 
See those huge weeds to the bottom right of this photo?  I am going to mow over those and then spray more Round Up I guess.  The entire section over there is a disaster and I don't know what to do with it.  I wish we could kill the grass/weeds and extend the deck over there.
This is the side yard of our house, where our dog George does his business.  See all those bare spots?  Yuck.  The grass here is next on our list, but for now I love to edge the lawn and spray off the sidewalk so it looks all nice and clean.  Next up is the pressure washer!  Going to get all the concrete looking clean.
Brought some of the flowers from the front porch onto the back deck.  Wish I would've done this years ago, it gives it such a different look. 

Our little #merzoasis as we call it in the backyard is our little slice of heaven.  We love the summer months, where we get to enjoy the pool and just relax.  Happy pool season!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

current makeup.

I used to use the same makeup all the time, like wouldn't change for anything. I guess because I was just nervous to try something new on my face after finding the products that worked for me.  The last two years or so I started buying different products at random.  Today, I'd love to share with you the makeup that I'm currently using.

1. Face Primer.  I've seen all those makeup tutorials that have these ladies use primer before they put makeup on.  I literally just started using the primer this week, but so far I can tell a little difference.  I guess it's supposed to help your makeup stay on longer?  I'll see what my face looks like in the evenings and go from there. (Product Link: Cover Girl Face Primer)
2.  Concealer.  After the face primer sets, I apply concealer under my eyes.  I started applying this with a makeup brush instead of using my fingers.  I feel it really makes a difference.  (Product link: Neutrogena Healthy Concealer)

3.  Foundation.  After the primer, I put foundation on.  Over the years I have stayed with the Cover Girl brand, but I'll try different versions of the line.  My favorite color is buff beige.  (Product link: Cover Girl Aqua Smooth Foundation)

4.  Powder.  After the foundation, I'll apply translucent powder.  I switch off and on between Cover Girl brand and Neutrogena.  I love Neutrogena but it can get a little pricey so I'll switch off and on between these two.  (Product links: Cover Girl Tru Blend Translucent Powder / Neutrogena Mineral Powder)
5.  Blush.  After the powder, I apply L'Oreal blush.  I used to use Cover Girl blush, but made the switch to L'Oreal and love it.  (Product link: L'Oreal Tru Match Super Blendable Blush)
6.  Eye Shadow.  Some people might apply their eye shadow first, but I apply mine after everything on my face is done.  Maybelline is the brand I'm using right now.  I've used Cover Girl for years, but my favorite color is never in stock at Kroger so I switched and like this one for now.  It's kinda neat how it has the order to apply the colors to your eye on the case.  I do not use #2, but use 1, 3, and 4.  (Product link: Maybelline Eye Shadow)

7.  Eye Liner.  After the eye shadow is on, then I apply eye liner.  I have used Revlon eye liner forever now.  I'll use either black or black brown whichever they have at the time.  (Product link: Revlon Color Stay Eye Liner)
8.  Mascara.  Last thing I put on is mascara.  Maybelline Great Lash.  I have never really found a mascara that I just love.  I used to use L'Oreal, but switch to this for awhile.  It's good, but I can't seem to find that is perfect for me.  (Product link: Maybelline Great Lash Mascara)
9.  Makeup Brushes.  I use these brushes to apply all of my makeup except the foundation.  I'll use one of the skinny brushes to apply concealer, the bigger brushes to apply translucent powder and blush, and the other 3 skinny brushes for the eye shadow.  I have always used brushes to apply eye shadow with and I think it makes a huge difference.  The first thing I do when I get new makeup is throw away the little tiny brushes they come with and use these.  (Product link: Bestope Makeup Brushes)

All of these products are very reasonably priced, which is what I need.  It's hard to buy expensive makeup when the products that I've shared, in my opinion, do the same job as the pricier makeups.  What's in your makeup bag?  I love trying new products!