Wednesday, May 9, 2018

week in the life 2018 / tuesday.

Today I will be sharing my Tuesday photos and words for the Week in the Life project. All photos were taken with my iPhone.  

Here is a look into my Tuesday photos and words...
Breakfast this morning was Great Grains Crunchy Pecans cereal, it's so good.  I asked Kev if he wanted eggs and he said no, which worked out because I didn't either.
Our front yard is looking good, the grass is growing really fast.
As soon as I get on the highway for .5 seconds, I always love the view of the sun coming up.
Every time I hear this song on the radio, I turn it up super loud.  Love it.  Reminds me of my hubby big time.
Every morning, before I pull into the parking garage for work we have to show this card out our window.  It's so odd.  But whatever works.
Beautiful flowers on the side of the building, walking into work.  Remembered my lunch today, so I don't have to walk back this morning.

I've had these plants in my office for a month now, still alive and kicking!  I wrote down reminders in my work planner to water them, and it's working great for me.  I've never been able to keep plants alive at work.
I wear flip flops on the way into work, and then change when I get to my desk.
Mid-morning snack, a very large orange but so good.
I listen to Pandora all day long, changing it up between stations.  Today, listening to the Zac Brown Band station.  Love the "Island Song".
Ate lunch, one of my favorites Three Cheese Ziti with Meatballs.  Nothing major but good.  Ate an apple with it because I didn't pack any veggies.
Constantly refilling my water bottles all day at work, I have two large ones at my desk.  I try to drink each bottle 2-3 times each, so 4-6 water bottles full a day at work.
Time to go home!  It was a beautiful day again!  The walk back and forth to the garage isn't so bad unless it's raining or really really really cold out.
As soon as I get home from work, I change into workout clothes and let George outside to go potty and to get a drink.  I came downstairs in the basement and saw George out of his cage, just chilling on the carpet.  I have no idea how he got out of his cage because we have a big lock on it.  Well, he busted out and decided to go #2 in our laundry room, and go #1 under the desk.  Thank God the floors on that side are concrete (not finished), but the basement smelled so bad of crap.  Was not happy with that dog, he must've had to go bad I guess.  So anyways, I managed to run a little bit after work. Not as long as my usual, had lots to do afterward.
After the run, I turned on the sprinklers to water the grass.  It's growing so good!

After all that was finished, picked up the babe!  I wanted to vote in the primaries, so to ensure a happy mood with our three year old we got an Icee and a Busken cookie.  She was golden.  It's always a surprise on what mood kids are in after the day at preschool.
Did my civic duty, I have always voted every election even primaries since I turned 18.  After voting, we headed home to start dinner.
Before we started dinner, Kevin wanted to show us how he puts on all his gear.  He has to do it from start to finish in 2 minutes!  He did it!  Hadley was amazed, she kept saying "oh my gosh" the whole time.  We timed him twice and he was great, it was so fun to watch him put it all on and show us everything.  We thought Hadley would be scared of the mask, but she was fine and he wanted to do it for her too so she can get used to what the fire fighters look like all suited up. 
Headed inside to start dinner, Kev went downstairs to study and this little Miss hops on her iPad.  She doesn't get to use it all the time, we do limit the time she gets or else she'd be on it all day.
Chicken bacon pasta for dinner, this is probably one of our favorite meals.  Here is the recipe if interested by Kraft Recipes.  We omit the canned tomatoes, not a fan.  But it's delicious, and plenty for leftovers.  Hadley did not eat this, she had chicken nuggets and mac/cheese. 
After a mini meltdown about finishing her chicken nuggets, she finally did so she could get some ice cream.  At this point, it's about 7:30pm which is not enough time for a shower/bath.  Tomorrow for sure is a shower for her. 
She is the cutest at bed time.  Her latest routine is she goes downstairs and tells Daddy she's going to bed, he comes up and goes to the bathroom first, then me, and then her.  Whatever works to get her to go potty before she goes to bed.  And then once she gives hugs and kisses to Daddy, she runs into her bed, gets her Teddy and whatever other animal/thing.  Tonight it was Donald Duck.  And then we say prayers, we say almost everyone in both of our immediate families.  It's the cutest.
After Hadley is in bed, I come out to the kitchen and finish the dishes and make lunches for the next day.  Oh, and threw a load of laundry in because I've worn the same sports bra and workout capri's for a few days in a row.  Time for a washing.  Come out to the family room and see K's fire gear all piled up.  Bed time tonight was about 10:30pm for me.  Kevin came up a little earlier, chilling in bed decompressing from his studies.  He's a studying machine!    

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  1. I love how rich your story is! And hello! Totally relate to sports bra laundry thing:) I need to add more that kind of stuff:) and how cool is your hubs gear:) and your daughters reaction:)