Friday, May 11, 2018

week in the life 2018 / thursday.

Today I will be sharing my Thursday photos and words for the Week in the Life project. All photos were taken with my iPhone.  

Here is a look into my Thursday photos and words...
This is my get ready bag, it has everything I need to get ready in the mornings.  Comb, blow dry it primer spray which is the best (link here), Oil of Olay face lotion, clips, etc.
This photo says a lot.  It was taken around 5:45am and this little Miss got up on her own, opened the door, went to the bathroom, and started getting dressed for school!  She is three and a half, and ever since she started sleeping in a big girl bed she has always called for either me or Daddy to come open her door and then she would get up, which was amazing.  Now, I think we've broken our record of her staying in bed in the mornings.  
Look at how cute he is in his uniform and all! 
Walking to my car in the mornings, I wear flip flops and then change into nicer sandals at work.
This corner of my office at work needs some help.  I love all the things on top of the shelf, but all the things inside the shelf needs to be covered up.  I have plans to make a curtain to cover up all the not so pretty looking things on each shelf.
I keep a lot of gum at work, it helps me when I have that sweet tooth craving in the middle of the day.  I'll chomp on some gum which helps a lot!
Lunch today consisted of left overs from dinner Monday which was chicken bacon pasta, and some broccoli.  
Waiting at the microwave for lunch to heat up.  After I ate lunch, I walked around the block outside for a few minutes.  It was beautiful outside!
This message is from Hadley's teacher at school.  Cute little bunnies.
 Before my walk/run.
After my walk/run.
Kev picked up Hadley from school today for me, so I had a few minutes at home by myself.  Wish I could say that I just relaxed.  Our dog George did #2 in the laundry room again.  Not sure what's up with him but I made a vet appointment for him later this month.  And then watered the grass.  Dinner for me was a Smart Ones meal and broccoli.
Dinner for Hadley was a hot dog and mac/cheese.  She actually ate every single bite this time!  Kev had left overs from earlier in the week. 
She's on the ice cream kick big time, she has to eat majority of her dinner to get ice cream.
Kev was still hungry so he made a protein smoothie after dinner.
Look at the smile!  Going to get sworn in!
After Kev left, I showed Hadley the box of clothes that came for her.  I order from Childrens Place a lot, they are decently priced and the clothes are super cute.  It reminds me of Old Navy a little bit.  She was so excited to see the clothes because she is due for new summer clothes.  Growing like a weed that girl.
She loved most of them!  A few we're going to take back but for the most part it was a win!  She slept in these smiley face jammies.  She went to bed around 8:15pm, and then I scrolled my phone a little bit and then Kev came home, and then he went downstairs to study and I went to bed!

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