Tuesday, May 8, 2018

week in the life 2018 / monday.

Today I will be sharing my Monday photos and words for the Week in the Life project. All photos were taken with my iPhone.  Since I start my day so early, it's hard to get the natural light photos in the mornings but it'll do.  

Here is a look into my Monday photos and words...
My alarm is set for 4:50am everyday, I typically get up around 5:00-5:10am after I hit snooze a few times.  After the shower, I blow dry my hair and then straighten it all in the bathroom.  I then come into our bedroom, and do my makeup in our room on our bed with the fan on.  I've always been a hot box when it comes to getting ready.  My husband is still sleeping beside me while I do my makeup, but his alarm starts going off by this time anyways.  Hadley is still sawing logs at this point.
Makeup done.  Dressed for work. 
Made eggs for Kevin and I for breakfast.  I started putting foil over his to keep it warm while I eat mine right after it's done because I leave before he does.  At this point, we open Hadley's bedroom door to start the waking up process.  She loves her sleep.
While I'm eating my eggs, I take a photo of the side of our fridge.  I am trying to not add too many things to our new fridge to have less clutter.  But when your three year old comes up from the basement the other day, and says "Mom I made this picture for you!"  You have to put that on the fridge!
I didn't take any photos before I left the house, but Hadley always wants to give me a big hug before I leave and then she gets ready with Daddy.  This is the drive into work, it's been a beautiful few days lately!
Get to work.  We park in a garage and the walk to work is about a half a mile one way.  So I get to my office and realize I forgot my perfectly packed lunch in my car.  So I trucked it back to my car a few minutes after I got to work so I could beat the rush of everyone else coming in.  I start my day at 7am.  So I managed to get a mile and a half in before doing anything really. 
Here is a view of the right side of my desk, this five tiered file holder is where I keep all of my go-to things.  Like phone lists, follow up folders, etc.  The thank you note up top is from a co-worker thanking me for helping out on a project when I didn't really have to.
I've gotten into a bad habit of eating lunch at my desk unless I go out somewhere.  The hard part is we don't really have a break room / kitchenette on our floor so it's kinda hard to eat anywhere else.  Chicken and ranch seasoned broccoli for lunch.
The mid-afternoon sun is just glorious in my office!  I love it!
When I get off work, I've been going straight home and walking/running before I pick up Hadley.  It's been my outlet for myself and it's been amazing.  I feel so much better, all while Kevin is in recruit training, it's been helping with my emotions.
After my walk/run, sometimes I'll take our dog George with me to pick up Hadley.  She loves seeing him in the car when I pull up, and he loves the car ride.  Sticking his head out the window, he just looks so free and happy!
We get home from picking Hadley up, and this dog acts like he hasn't had a drink in a week.  He loves his water.
Kevin comes home shortly after us, and is asking Hadley what she wants for dinner, because we know she isn't going to eat what I'm making. 
For dinner, I made this new recipe I got from a friend it's called "dog food".  Oh my goodness was it good!  Super easy and so yummy!
After dinner, Daddy goes downstairs to study.  I managed to get the dishes done (our dishwasher does not work ugh), so once that is out of the way it's less I have to do tonight after Hadley goes to bed.  So, we play barbies and babies for a little bit.
Hadley went to bed around 8:20pm, and then I started making lunches for Tuesday.  K's lunch is left over dog food (he loved it), strawberries, orange, apple, almonds, pretzels, and cubed cheese.  He's burning so many calories everyday, he needs to eat a lot throughout the day.   My lunch is a Smart Ones meal, Three Cheese is my favorite, strawberries, orange, apple, almonds, and a string cheese.
After all of our lunches were packed, I did more dishes that I just made a mess of.  Around 9:30pm, popped some popcorn before bed.  Went to our room, watched some Netflix, looked at Facebook and Instagram for a few and then hit the sheets.  Kevin was still downstairs studying. 

P.S.  Get out and vote today!  (May 2018 Election)