Monday, May 14, 2018

week in the life 2018 / friday/saturday/sunday.

Today I will be sharing my Friday through Sunday photos and words for the Week in the Life project. All photos were taken with my iPhone.    

Here is a look into my weekend photos and words...

Curled my hair today!  
Finally found a concealer that I love and works well for me!  Neutrogena!
The past few mornings, Hadley has been crying as I leave for work.  I need to start getting up earlier so I can be out the door before she gets up, so it's easier on Kev.
Walked outside during lunch, and love to look at the construction next to our building.  They are building a Kroger downtown, I cannot wait to go grocery shopping after work there.
These babies are still going strong!  Watering them once every two weeks seems to do the trick.
After work on Friday, Hadley's school had milkshakes with Mom.  It was so cute!
After our milkshakes, we did a few errands and she managed to get this spider-man fan.  Trying to convince her to keep it in the car for the hot summer days coming up.
Outfit change #1.  She can't wait to wear this to a baseball game!
Outfit change #2.  This chick will change multiple times, which is fine but not a fan of the extra laundry.
A little bit of sidewalk chalk on our Friday evening.  Dreaming of the ocean!

Started our Saturday with a patriotic outfit!
We headed downtown for a run/walk.  We did 4.58 miles total.  Hadley loved all the people watching, and we even crossed a bridge.
Home for lunch, out on our back deck over looking the pool.  

After her nap, outside to play in the sprinkler.  Two bathing suit changes too.
After dinner, we played outside with the neighbors kids.  Water balloons and squirt guns.  Hadley was in heaven having kids to play with, and even George got some loving.

This is how much this kid is going to love summer, she wakes up and puts her suit on first thing.  I went on a run in the morning, then when I came back Kev went. 
Because George was out in the front yard the day before, he kept crying in the back yard wanting out front with us.
Headed inside to make breakfast, mini pancakes for Hadley, and Great Grains Crunchy Pecan cereal for me.  Kev was still running.
So excited to try my new shampoo/conditioner out!  Here is the link if interested:  Function of Beauty.  
For Mother's Day we ate lunch on a golf course, very nice but a little warm.
After lunch, we headed home and Hadley took a nap.  I love it that she is almost 4 years old and still wants to take a nap.  While she slept, I picked out some flowers at Home Depot and cut the grass for the first time since we re-did it.  It's growing so good!

Love this project!  Love seeing everyones posts on Ali's page, and love finding new blogs to follow!  Happy Monday, make it a great week.

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