Thursday, May 3, 2018

throwback thursday.

Found some old photos for throwback Thursday! I have no idea when some of these were taken, some have the actual date stamp on them from an old camera, and some I'm just guessing. Any way you look at them, they are still so fun to see from back in the day! Enjoy...
throwback to...Patrick and Megan's wedding.
throwback to...Kevin trying to push me off the worked.
throwback little brother graduating college!
throwback to...Easter at Grandma Junes.
throwback to...when Kevin used to meet me for lunch when he had Mondays off.
throwback to...first year of dating at the lake.
throwback to...Halloween at my most favorite apartment.
throwback to...our first time snow skiing together.
throwback to...Easter photo with Grandpa Vince.
throwback to...a wedding for one of Kevin's cousins.
throwback to...dinner with the girls and when my hair was semi-long.
throwback to...our first Reds opening day.
throwback to...fancy Christmas party at Great American.
throwback to...what the Old Grand-Dad will do to ya after some golf haha
throwback to...Natalie and Hadley had matching octopus Halloween costumes.
throwback to...wagon ride with Grandad.
throwback night with friends.
throwback to...the biggest smile I've ever seen on this kid.
throwback to...pre-gaming at O'Malleys in the Alley before WhoDey time.
throwback to...the day I got engaged!
throwback to...the day I found the dress!
throwback to...when I took Hadley to Florida at just three weeks old.
throwback much she looked like her daddy when she was a newborn.
throwback to...Nashville trip from a few years ago. No clue what year this was!
throwback to...our first staycation together.
throwback to...beachin it with my bro.
throwback to...skateboarding at the park.
throwback to...our housewarming pool party.
throwback to...Florida just the two of us.
throwback to...the best after party I've ever been to.
throwback to...the kids first plane ride.
throwback favorite photo from the lake of the kids.
throwback to...that time we spend the night at an airport.
throwback to...made my first four layer cake for Hadley's 1st birthday.
throwback to...the day my little brother got married.
throwback to...Brady holding his little sister.
throwback to...the best day ever.

Throwback Thursday people!  Hope you've enjoyed these photos as much as I did.

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