Tuesday, May 29, 2018

our memorial day weekend.

We started our Memorial Day weekend with waiting for Daddy and Brady to get home.  Natalie went on a shopping trip with her Grandma and cousin for her birthday.  It's a tradition her Grandma started a few years ago.
Arrived at the lake!  It was hot, but we didn't care one bit.
Hadley is obsessed with feeding the horses, we take the gator and ride down the street a little bit.  We buy bags of carrots when their on sale.
Cousin Becca and Adalynn joining in on feeding the horses with us.
These three were in the water so much, playing on the steps.  The water was freezing at first, but felt so good after roasting in the sun, it was wonderful.
We celebrated Natalie's 11th birthday one night, I made these popsicle cupcakes.  They were a hit!  Her birthday isn't until this week, but she will be at her Mom's house.
Lots of pontoon boat rides.
And some fishing.
Believe it or not, Hadley went down this huge slip and slide with her cousin Becca!  She was a little scared afterwards, but she wanted to do it just like the big kids.  Have it on video, I'll post it on my instagram account later.
Full house for the last pontoon boat ride of the weekend.
Home and exhausted.  Was a fun filled weekend of lots of sunshine and no rain (thankfully!)  Summer has officially arrived in my book, and now all we have to do is get our pool opened and we'll be set.  Hope you had a great weekend!

Happy Monday, make it a great week!

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