Wednesday, May 23, 2018

my first planter.

Okay folks, this right here is my first planter ever.  I literally planted this baby from start to finish on my own.  My Mom did help me on the phone, but this was a labor of love and a long time coming.

Years and years ago, I used to think that flowers came in the pots that they were supposed to be planted in.  For real.  Like seriously.  I really did think you planted flowers in the plastic thingys they came in.  And, coming from a family of big time green thumbs is a little bit of a shock.  My Grandma June was a huge gardener, she had the most beautiful flowers and plants in her yard.  And then my Mom, same way as her Mom.  She has a knack for planting.  And sad to say, that knack didn't get passed on to me.  But, I am learning and taking baby steps!

So anyways, this planter was so much fun to do!  And little did I know, I picked the right type of mix to go together.
The pink and purple flowers are inpatiens, and the white flowers in the middle are begonias.  These guys like shade, so our front porch is the perfect place for them.  
These are coleus, which grow tall which is the perfect mix to put with these flowers.
This large wooden barrel came from Home Depot (my new favorite place), and at first I was completely lost on how many flowers to put in this thing.  So I just winged it and bought what I thought looked good together.
First thing I did was grabbed a bunch of rocks from underneath our back deck, and put a layer of them in the bottom of this container.  Their is a hole already in the bottom, but the rocks will help with drainage when watering.
Here is the finished product!  See the little coleus in the middle?  It should grow taller than the flowers.  I seriously cannot wait for these to start growing!
These are what was left over, I estimated too many I guess but all of these couldn't fit in the planter.  I'm going to plant these in another smaller container, maybe on our back deck by the pool?  Wish I would've started doing this a long time ago.  Things just come in time with me I've learned!

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