Wednesday, May 2, 2018

meet my husband.

This is my husband Kevin.  I don't think I've ever written a post on the newer blog about him, so here it goes!  Sometimes I'll refer to him as "K" on the blog, reason being for our wedding we did everything in "K&M" for Kevin & Mandy.  So anyways, we first met years and years ago at a family function, like in high school years ago.  His family is friends with our family.  When we both were in high school, he went to an all boys Catholic school and I went to an all girls Catholic school, I had a mini crush on him every time I'd see him.  I would always see him at family get-togethers and thought how cute is he?!?!  My Uncle Dirt (god rest his soul) was the only one that knew of my mini crush.  He even tried to set us up one time and I was so nervous and shy I said nothing.  Years and years went by, saw him less and less, went through some not-so-good boyfriends until...

10.02.09 the first date.

He asked me out to a reds game.  So we went.  Me + him + his 2 kids.  He picked me up in his big honkin hummer.  We had a great time.  We were both nervous.  I could tell.  But the good kind of nervous.
Dates after that were many nights at a wings place we liked, Bengals games, watched Monday night football at my apartment, more Reds games, and weekends at the lake.  I love how he always lets me take his picture, even if he would rather be the one taking the picture.  Cooking with K is a blast, especially how he taught me to grill the perfect steak.  We pretty much did everything together when we dated, and even more so now that we're married.  I love having a husband that wants to do everything with his wife.  I feel bad for some of those wives out there whos husbands want to do things without them.  We always want to be together if we can.
(above photo credit : Casey Burns Photography)
The top three words I would describe K as is loving, loyal, and gentle.  He has a really good heart, he wants the best for everyone, he wants to be helpful.  He's a kind hearted gentle soul.  One thing I love the best about him is how much he loves me.  He really does and sometimes I take it for granted or don't always see it because I'm stubborn haha.

As we have entered in this new phase of our lives with him being in fire recruit training, I have realized how much he really does for me and our family.  Every single time we hang up on the phone, he always says I love you babe.  Every single time.  Doesn't matter if he's upset, or anything, he always says it.  Almost 90% of the time, he takes care of dinners.  He takes care of getting Hadley to school and making her lunch.  He takes care of feeding George before he leaves in the morning.  He takes care of the pool.  He takes care of the things I don't know how to do, like fix the sprinkler in the yard, and use the weed eater (hate that thing).  He does so much and I appreciate him more now than ever.
(above photo credit Weddings by Sadie)
The song we danced to at our wedding was Big Green Tractor, by Jason Aldean.  I think about him every time I hear it.  As long as I'm with him, nothing really matters what we do.  We will be married five years this October.  I seriously cannot imagine my life without him.

Life with him is awesome.

I love you.  You make my life a fulfilled happy place.

You are my favorite.

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