Monday, April 30, 2018

today is the first day...

of the rest of our lives.  You could say that everyday, but today is a big day for our family.
My husband is becoming a firefighter! 
This past weekend, the fire department had an orientation for the families, it was so much fun and a little bit emotional.  Reality set in that this is really happening, my husband is going to be a fireman!  Seeing where he will be training everyday was very eye-opening, but so exciting!  Let's see how many times I can say exciting!  
Hadley loves to say over and over again, "My Daddy is a fireman", it's the cutest thing.  Out of her brother and sister, she was the most excited and didn't want to get out of the firetruck.  I've never seen my husband so happy before, I mean I've seen him happy but this is a different kind of happy for sure.  He has been beaming all week!  It is the best thing to see, and I cannot say enough how happy I am for him.  He deserves this more than anyone I know, he has been through some times in this life and it's very refreshing to have this happen for him.  Things happen for a reason!  He is going to be the best fireman, he has always been the kind of person that wants to help others.  Always.  He will help anyone off the street, since I've been in his life from day one that has been his personality.  A career in firefighting is very fitting for him, and I can't wait to see him do great things.  
Being a firefighter has been his life long dream, and it finally came true.  I am so very happy for him it's so hard to put into words.  I'm just so excited to be along side him during this new journey.  He finally has the career he's been dreaming of!  I can't wait to see where this takes us in our lives together.  And let's be honest, I really can't wait to see him all suited up in the fire gear!  Congrats babe, I ♥ you!

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