Monday, April 23, 2018

from the weekend.

I foresee lots of pressure washing this summer.  Look at that fence!  A little back story on this side of our house.  Probably 5 years ago I'm guessing, we decided to try and grow a little garden in this space.  See the little white picket fences that are all a mess in the before photo?  Well, clearly the garden didn't work.  We didn't do much to it after nothing really grew here.  All of those branches are weeds!  I have never seen so many weeds before buying this house.  But, we on the other hand haven't really put much work into our yard so it's not all the yard's fault.  Haha.  So the after photo is my blood sweat and tears of ripping out all of those weeds, raking up all the fallen dead leaves, and whatever else that ended up in this space.  It was a lot of work!
Our dog George was perfectly happy in the back of the truck, we had to make him get out!
After all our hard work Saturday, we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant Cancun and had some margaritas.  It was well worth it.  And these two?  ♥
Sunday, we still had some errands to do for the yard, but in the meantime we got some new flip flops for Miss Hadley. 
Finished product!  The entire front yard is covered in hay.  This part wasn't hard, just very time consuming and hard on our already sore muscles!  So glad it's done though.  Our water bill is going to be big, but if it's worth getting new pretty grass, it's worth every drop!

Happy Monday everyone, make it a great week!

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