Friday, April 27, 2018

around here.

around here a little Spring decor.
around here playing the Watch Ya Mouth game and belly laughing it's so funny!
around here twinning with my mini-me.
around here our magnolia tree is blooming and it's beautiful!
around here wearing shorts and short sleeves, can't wait for warmer weather.
around here managed to see a day baseball game with my main squeeze.
around here eating ice cream on the back deck.
around here the pool is looking good, a few more days and I bet it'll be crystal clear!

So excited for this weekend again, yes I said that last weekend too but even more excited this time around!  The kitchen is almost done, almost.  Might not get done by this weekend, but it's pretty darn close to finished.  It's been so nice having the hubs home every night this week, like a normal schedule.  He's been working hard around the house.  The pool is looking awesome, we've been adding shock as needed, and soon enough it'll be crystal clear.  We'll just need mother nature to warm up the sky and then the water will warm up.  Hadley is so excited to see the water turning bluer and bluer.  Well, blue in her mind because the liner is blue so she thinks the water is blue like the ocean.  I cannot wait to have so many pool days this summer, relaxing in the back yard with the sun shining down!

Happy weekend!

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