Friday, April 20, 2018

around here.

around here finally bought some plants for the office!  I chose something easy for now, let's see how long these babies live.  One week down, and good so far.
around here had my first mammogram!  I don't know why most women make this out to be the worst thing ever.  It wasn't bad at all, I mean it's a little uncomfortable for like 5 seconds and then it's over.  Got the 3D screening verses the 2D since it was covered through insurance, no reason not to get the one that shows more if it doesn't cost me a dime.  No brainer!
around here Hadley had picture day at her school, after we got home we ate dinner out on the back deck and dreaming of the day when the pool is open for summer! (#merzoasis)
around here George hanging out with us on the back deck.
around here the day after picture day, she wore a dress again.  Picked the whole outfit herself, including the matching red bow!  Proud moment. 
around here the soil test we ordered came in, it's to test the soil in our yard and see what it may or may not need to re-do our lawn.
around here our beautiful magnolia tree in the front yard, it smells so lovely!

Happy Friday, I'm so excited for this weekend.  We have lots on the to-do list, including the kitchen, and yard.  Low to mid-sixties for the weekend weather forecast, I'll take it.  Just hope the sun comes out to make it a little warmer.  Plus today marks a big day for my husband, it's his last day working at the pizza place.  He's been a delivery driver for the past 2 years as a side job but with recent events it turned into a full time job.  After today, no more crazy hours, no more tired hubby, a regular schedule finally!  I will share more on that subject soon.  But for now, we are happy to have him home on a more regular basis!  Yay!  Happy weekend my peeps!

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