Friday, April 13, 2018

around here.

around here Kevin made chili for our cook-off at work.  He didn't win, but had lots of fans!
around here went to dinner to celebrate Grandad's birthday, these two turkeys have so much fun together!
around here we have a nest in the backyard, the mama bird set it up right in the wide open!
around here working hard on The 100 Day Project but it's tough to do one every day.  Trying though!
around here went to the Reds game, had club seats and the best weather!

Happy weekend people! Maybe we can finish the kitchen this weekend?  Feel like I say that every weekend, but life just gets in the way most times.  Had a good week.  Had so much fun at the Reds game, and ready to see what this weekend has in store for us.  Happy Friday my peeps!

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