Monday, March 5, 2018

thoughts on my last year of my thirties.

I turned 39 this past Saturday.


Oh my god.
Is this photo not creepy? Facebook had one of those websites where you choose a photo of yourself and it makes you look like a model or something.  Check out those lips, and nose?  Good lord.  Kinda diggin the eyes though haha

So anyways, turning 39 comes a feeling of a little scary.  When the time comes to tell someone I'm 39, I feel like I'm going to be like, yep 39, don't know how the hell that happened either.  But age is just a number and this girl is feeling fantastic!

Going to appreciate this last year of my thirties and not dread 40 (yet).  I'm thanking my thirties and celebrating 39.  For this year, I want to focus on myself.  Just me.  I feel like at this age I really need to take care of myself, like watch those stress levels, check my skin, get my boobs checked, things like that that can go wrong the older we get.

I am still young and healthy enough to do the things I've always wanted to do.  See bucket list here.  It's okay to take risks, and get out there and live this life we only get one chance at.  It's time to stop worrying about little things and just focus on me.  I want to embrace who I am, and not live life in regret.

My thirties have been full of growth and everything that it brings - love, marriage, death, friendship loss and gain, the birth of a beautiful amazing little girl, sleepless nights, tears and laughter.

I am still exploring, still learning, still taken back by this life.  

I want to think about what my thirties have brought me.  I know I will never have another decade like this one so I want this last year to be the best one yet.  I have to say my thirties have been the best hands down!  I am ready to tackle this year head on and make it known to the universe that I'm not messing around!  I will celebrate my final year of my thirties, as this amazing adventurous ever so changing decade comes to a close, and prepare myself for a new decade full of life and all that it has to offer.

I can worry about next year later, but for now I'm 39 and that's pretty awesome.

Here are some major highlights and photos from the past decade of my thirties!
2009 / 30 years old.  Kevin and I started dating, and I started a job working at Kroger.  We went to lots of Reds games throughout the years.  I drove a 2009 Honda Civic.
2010 / 31 years old.  Went to Riviera Maya with my friend Falgner, and then to Chicago with Falgner, Christy, and Lauren.  Kevin went to a Nascar race with the guys.
2011 / 32 years old.  Grandma June passed away.  Bought a house with Kevin! Went to Chicago to see the Reds play the Cubs.
2012 / 33 years old.  Started college at Mount Saint Joseph University.  Learned how to sew.  Sold the Civic and bought a GMC Acadia.
2013 / 34 years old.  This was a busy year!  Got engaged, Grandpa passed away, my own lady cave in the basement, received my concealed carry, got married, honeymooned in Fort Myers and Key West, and welcomed George to our family.
2014 / 35 years old.  Sold the Acadia, bought a Yukon.  Went to Chicago again with Kevin.  Had a kid.  My sweet Hadley!
2015 / 36 years old.  Hadley got baptized.  Sold the Yukon, and bought a Camry.  My Mom turned 60.  And my brother got married in Vegas!
2016 / 37 years old.  Enjoying being a Mom to my little girl, and step-mom to the other two turkeys.  Trips to Cancun, the restaurant.  And random trips to Florida with my favorite guy.
2017 / 38 years old.  Graduated with my Bachelors in Science / Organizational Leadership.  One of my most proudest moments in my life.  After nine years of working at Kroger, left for a new exciting job opportunity!

Raising my glass to you 39, cheers!

P.S.  It seems like I'm in good company.  Some of my famous friends are turning 39 this year: Kate Hudson, Kevin Hart, Adam Levine, Chris Pratt (soo hot!), Flo Rida, Zooey Deschanel, John Krasinski, Christina Ricci, Claire Danes, and Busy Philipps. 

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