Monday, March 12, 2018

diy minnie shirt & shoes.

On Saturday, we went to Disney on Ice!  It was our first time going for all of us.  So I thought how fun would it be to make Minnie shirts for me and my sweet girl!  I know she will not want her Mama to wear the same thing as her as she gets older, so I'm taking advantage of this time while I have it.  I think I was almost as excited as she was to go to this event!
First thing I did was pick out two long sleeve shirts for us.  I already had the black one for myself, just had to order a white one for Hadley.
Next I picked out a Minnie design I found online, the ink in the printer needs changing obviously but all I needed was the design didn't matter if it was color or not.  You'll need some freezer paper that can be purchased at any local grocery store, and an exact-o knife.
Cut out the freezer paper to the size needed, and then get to tracing!
Then start cutting out the design.  A few things I learned as I went, didn't need to trace all of those circles in the bow.  Ended up just using the end of a pencil to paint the polka dots.  A little time consuming, but very easy.
One thing I did mess up on was with my shirt, the black one, I forgot to iron on the design to the shirt like I did with the white one.  Much much easier that way!
When painting different colors, you'll have to let each color dry before starting the other color.
Very pleased with the end result!  She was so excited!
Our matching shoes!  Bought some cheapie white shoes at Walmart for like $6 a piece.  Cut out a small and larger version of Minnie ears and a bow, traced it on the shoe with pencil, then painted directly on the shoe.  Very easy!
Bought these earrings for both of us, and oh my goodness they were adorable!  Had them ship a little early so Hadley could try them on and see if she liked them.  She loved them!  They were clip-on for her, and regular earrings for myself.  So cute!
These were the looks on her face almost the entire time, so intrigued by the characters.  Loved watching her reaction almost more than the show.
She was so excited to say the least.  Was a great memory for her, maybe Disney World next year? lol

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