Friday, March 9, 2018

around here.

Feels like these around here posts are the only ones I've been doing lately.  Want to take a guess why?  This girl has gotten the flu not once, but twice!  Yes, two times! Unfriggin believable.  And yes I get the flu shot too.  The first time was Influenza B, this second time it was Influenza C.  After doing a little reading about this lovely epidemic that I've managed to catch twice, A is the worst.  So maybe that is what the flu shot protected me from but not B & C?  Insane I tell ya.  The doctor said the end of flu season is the end of this month, so three more weeks!  I can't take much more for real.  I just want to be healthy and no runny nose, no feeling like blah, just want my energy back!

Isn't that hello wreath so cute?  I bought the actual wreath with flowers at the Target dollar bin section, then I made the hello sign and cut out the letters with an exacto knife.  It adds a little something to it!

Well, take care everyone.  And please please please, when you sneeze cover your mouth!  My doctor told me you can catch something from a sneeze by the particles in the air like 15 feet away!  And cover your mouth when you cough, and last and most importantly wash your hands like a crazy person!  These are the best ways to help prevent spreading of this flu epidemic this year.  Let's hope they'll get a better grip on the vaccine next year, because I can't handle anymore. 

Glad its the weekend, the sun is shining but a tad chilly.  Up for this weekend, looking forward to seeing some Disney characters, celebrate my birthday again, and some rest in between everything. 

Happy weekend!

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