Friday, March 23, 2018

around here.

around here had the big kids come home after school, Hadley gets super excited every time they are home.
around here the new Kroger building is coming along, those workers are super fast!
around here had a massive snow fall right after spring officially arrived.
around here another picture from her school, this time matching jelly beans to the right color!
around here the drive to dinner took 1 hour and 45 minutes! One accident caused huge delays, we took back roads but so did everyone else.  Hadley was so good, listening to her iPad with headphones in so Kev and I actually got to have uninterrupted conversation!
around here Happy Birthday little brother!
around here the car ride home from dinner.  She looked like a zombie but so content.  She rarely watches her iPad for long periods of time, but it is a huge help during long car rides.

So it's Friday right, and they are calling for more snow tomorrow!  Like a lot of snow.  Mother Nature seems very confused, next week major league baseball starts and we are having snow! Get it together sista!  Up for the weekend, Kevin has the father/daughter dance, getting my hair done, going to color some eggs for Easter, and hopefully get back to working on the kitchen.

Have a great weekend folks, stay warm!

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