Wednesday, March 21, 2018

a day in the life.

On Thursday, March 15th I participated in Ali Edwards Day in the Life project!  Here are my photos and text from the day.
6:00am / Sitting on my bed putting on my makeup.  I don't put makeup on in the bathroom because I get way too hot.
6:15am / Couldn't find my other work shoe so had to wear my old ones.
6:35am / waiting for the car to warm up so I can head off to work.
6:55am / in the elevator at work.
6:57am / hallway to the office.
6:58am / walk into my office, the sensor light turns on when I enter the room.  I always set my purse and bag down on the floor first thing, and then I put it underneath my desk in this little bin I have.
7:05am / breakfast consisting of a banana and a granola bar with yogurt.
9:05am / Parked my car at the meter outside my building, the meters are free until 9am so when I'm late I park there and the move my car to the garage and walk back with a coworker.
9:10am / on my way back from parking my car at the garage, I walked to my old stomping grounds the Kroger building to make a deposit at Kemba.  They are installing turn styles to make the building more secure, you'll have to swipe the Kroger badge to get through the lobby.
10:00am / refilled the water bottle.
10:30am / the sunshine that comes through my office windows is my favorite thing ever.  I will never get tired of that sweet sunshine in my eyes every morning.
12:00pm / lunch consisted of chicken, broccoli, and an apple.  Ate in the conference room with my coworkers who were having a salad day but since I'm not much of a salad person I packed and still ate with them.
2:15pm / selfie shot at my desk.
3:00pm / sunshine on the ledge with the welcome flowers barely surviving.
4:00pm / time to leave, so I take the stairs everyday when I leave.  Need to work on taking the stairs up everyday when I arrive!
4:45pm / arrived at Hadleys school, they were playing outside which on some days it seems too cold but they all have their coats on so I guess it's okay. 
4:47pm / I sneak by the kids on the playground to go into her school to get her bookbag, lunch bag, blanket and pillow.  A lot easier without her and a lot faster.  Love how they have a white board on little things they did that day.
4:50pm / Hadley had to go to the bathroom, so we had to go back inside because she couldn't wait until we got home which is less than 6 minutes away!
5:05pm / When Hadley gets in the car, it feels like it takes an eternity to get in the car seat and buckled up.
5:11pm / arrive home, and she can't wait to go inside and play with her toys.

6:00pm / after a few days, you have finally decided it's okay to go #2 on the potty and not in a diaper anymore!  I had to document this moment somehow.  So we sent this photo to your old babysitter Missy because she was the first one to really try potty training with you.  It's so exciting to not have to buy diapers anymore!
7:00pm / done with shower.  You have grown so much, you want to wash your hair and body all by yourself.  You even use deodorant after each shower because you are three now haha
8:00am / after the nightly movie watching in mom & dad's bed, we brush teeth right before bed.

8:15pm / after you went to bed, I started on the St. Patrick's Day treats!  Made green rice krispie treats for your school party.
8:50pm / made pistachio bread for my work treats, had to borrow sugar from our neighbor.  Never in a million years would I ever think I'd run out of sugar but I had zero!  Also, made another batch for my hubby's work so ended up staying up later than anticipated.
11:15pm / laying in bed with my St. Patrick's Day outfit ready to go, our messy room, and watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix!

I love this little project, I've participated the last three or four years.  It's fun looking back on previous years to see what I was doing then. 

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