Monday, February 12, 2018

valentines day decor.

Did a little decorating for Valentines Day this week, had lots of free time with the little one sickies.  Cleaned a lot too.  Anytime someone is sick, I always wipe things down even door knobs!  Anyways, I love decorating for the different holidays!  The XOXO banner was made a few years ago, I cut the pieces out of burlap, and painted the letters and hearts directly on the burlap, and then glued string on the back.  Heart candy is always a must.  Made a little banner out of felt, these were previously cut from awhile ago, and all I did was tape them to a piece of string and hung them up behind the TV.  Chalkboard sign for the front porch, and chopped off a little of the felt banner to hang up on the chalkboard.  Table cloth from the dollar store, the heart plates and napkins from Kroger. Super easy!

Love is in the air!  Happy Valentines Day week!

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