Thursday, February 1, 2018

one month of one second photos.

Happy February!

I wanted to share this app that I've been using to document 2018 so far, it's called 1 second everyday and it's awesome! At first I thought it would be difficult to remember to take a video everyday, but it's only one second out of the entire day! Super easy to use and figure out, but if you have any questions on it you can always go to Google and just ask. Google is my bff.

I've been seeing this app used on a few different blogs I follow so I thought to try something new this year! Here is the app link for those that would like to try it.

On January 1st, I started recording parts of our days.
You can see the video by clicking the link:  January 2018 / 1 Second Everyday

Capturing just a second out of the day sounded super complicated for my planning mind. But in all seriousness, it turned out to be really really easy. I don't really worry about getting the best one second video everyday, I just focus on what's going on that day and think about what might make it in the app and what won't. And the nice thing about the app is you can take a regular video, and then later on crop it down to the best one second you love.

Some things that I've figured out on my own that might help someone else out there...

Hold the camera horizontally.  That is pretty much the standard when taking videos anyways. When people take videos vertically, it gets all out of wack and you have to hold the phone upside down and turn it to see it good. So take my advice on this one, just hold the phone horizontal. Trust me.

Take actual videos not photos.  This app is meant for a one second video everyday, not a photo. If you don't have a video for one day then by all means, add a photo in there but the whole vibe of this is to have one second videos. So try really hard to video with the app.

Don't over think it.  At first I thought taking a video everyday for an entire year might seem a little bit extreme, but after having the month of January down I've gotten into the habit for the most part. Did I forget one day? Absolutely. But you can go back to that date and add the video. It really is pretty easy. Try not to focus on something big or major happening each day, just capture anything. It really adds up in the end.

Capture the seasons.  Right now we are in the dead of winter, nothing but slosh and nasty sleet and foreseeable snow in the future. Not my idea of fun videos, but it'll be fun to see the seasons change in each one.

It was so much fun for the first month, I cannot wait to see all twelve months in one video!

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