Monday, February 26, 2018

from the weekend.

We are in the middle of doing some small updates to our kitchen, and I found this stash of burlap I've had in the basement! Totally forgot about this! A few years ago a burlap company reached out to me to send free burlap if I would post projects using it. Well, here it is!
We've been painting off and on with all this kitchen stuff going on, and Hadley has been patiently waiting for this piece of wood to dry out from all this rain. It finally dried, so we laid out a big old sheet and let her go to town. We aren't going to use it for anything, in fact she wants to paint her name on it and hang it in her room haha
Love this Irish blessing that popped up on my phone this weekend.  It's from the One Second Everyday app that I talked about a few weeks ago. It sends little reminders or quotes every few days.
And guess what, it's Monday and it's not raining!  Above are more photos of the Ohio River flooding.  I feel for those affected by all this crazy water everywhere, hope the river goes down soon.  We are not due for anymore rain until Wednesday, so maybe the water will go down some by then.
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Happy Monday, make it a great week!

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