Friday, February 9, 2018

around here.

around here didn't really do much for the Superbowl, my homemade decorations were pretty much the extent of it.  But that halftime show?  Awesome.
around here this little sickie girl is such a trooper, and Brady in the background in timeout.
around here she was diagnosed with the flu and an ear infection.  This is us waiting for almost two hours to see the doctor.  Not fun.
around here did a little Valentines Day crafting.
around here already picked out Hadley's Valentines Day cards for her friends at school.  I cannot wait until she gets into grade school and all these fun little crafty things we can do together!  I remember getting so excited to pick out my school supplies before the school year started. 

It's Friday!  What seemed like a very long tiring week, is now finally over.   A minor setback we experienced this week, was getting our three year old to take medicine for the ear infection.  She refused.  Like threw it all up refused.  Alternative that is working at the moment is mixing it with orange juice.  Slow process, but it's working.  Shout out to kid doctors..."can you please make medicine taste like candy?  Thanks."  Okay, theirs my two cents for the day.

Up for this weekend, a benefit for a volleyball ref that is battling cancer.  Hope to make an appearance and show our support.  Other than that, just chilling and staying warm.  Soo over these cold days.

Happy weekend!


  1. If the antibiotic tastes bad, you can ask the pharmacist to add a flavor to it. Some if those meds taste gross. I know she's probably done with it now.--Jessie

    1. Oh yes, we did that! It was already flavored tropical fruit which smelled nasty so they did bubble gum which still didn't help. 8 days in, mixing it with lemonade finally worked!