Friday, February 23, 2018

around here.

around here started to slowly remodel our kitchen! We are giving it some simple updates.
around here we went to the UC basketball game and scored suite tickets! It was awesome.
around here Hadley watching the pizza being made!
around here we spent our Presidents Day at Home Depot.  Hadley loved watching the guy cut wood.
around here we had nice weather for about one day this week, played outside for a little bit with George.
around here we are flooding big time with all this rain. (above photo via : Cincinnati Refined)

Whew what a week.  It's been nothing but rain all around, plus flooding is just craziness.  I hope the businesses and homes effected by the flooding get to a safe place or have plans in place.  Plus, I came down with a mild case of the flu bug this week too.  It wasn't too terribly bad, but the flu is the flu.  Just felt run down a little, but back to myself again.  We started doing little things to our kitchen, which I cannot wait to share the final result.  We still have lots to do, most things just take time and it's hard when we both work and with a three year old running around makes it even harder.  She's gotten her hands on some freshly painted paint a few times haha

Up for this weekend, dinner to celebrate an awesome accomplishment for a family member, more kitchen work, and that's pretty much it.

Happy weekend!

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